Soap Spoilers: Wedding Disasters on AMC, DAYS and Y&R!


For the week of February 8, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Greenlee decides to hurt Ryan, the same way he broke her heart. David makes a stunning announcement, that he’s getting married on Valentine’s Day. Jack doesn’t like Erica and Ryan’s relationship. Marissa confronts David after she receives an invitation to the wedding. After a walk with Opal, Eric breaks up with Ryan. Colby catches Annie and declares war. Greenlee tells Jack how David has kept her away. Ryan tries to uncover the identity of David’s mystery bride. By Friday, everyone gathers at the Wildwind chapel for David’s wedding while Ryan feels Greenlee’s presence on what would have been their first anniversary.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Carly sends Liberty a care package. Barbara decides to help Mick. Susan finds out what happened between Alison and Mick. Jack and Carly find Liberty and Parker in bed together. Lily finds an emotionally unstable Meg (or NutMeg). A body is found and Luke worries that it could be Damien. Lily wonders if Holden actually hurt Damian. Noah and Maddie consider becomes roommates. Henry is quarantined. Carty and Dusty commiserate. The rivalry between Henry and Reid continues to grow. Katie wants to have Jacob tested as a possible bone marrow donor for Liberty but Reid is against it. Emily tells Alison that DNA proves who Mick is. When Teri sees Janet and Dusty getting closer, she accuses her sister of betraying Jack. Susan and Emily get Bob and Casey in trouble. Mick makes a confession to Alison, who agrees to hide him from Paul. When Paul shows up and Alison leaves, Mick’s ‘James persona’ surfaces. Barbara asks Henry to be her date to Alison and Casey’s wedding.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
When confronted by Brooke, Sandy decides to turn the tables on her. Nick and Bridget continue to argue about Sandy. Bridget reveals Sandy’s true identity and insists that everyone refer to her as Agnes. Whip gives Taylor some reassurance and that he’ll help her get over Ridge. Katie confronts Bill about his afternoon with Steffy. Whip plans a romantic evening for Taylor. Agnes tells Nick that she won’t cross the line in regards to his marriage. Brooke worries about Hope being in the spotlight. Bill and Katie continue to argue about Steffy and Katie is devastated at what is happening to her marriage. Steffy is unapologetic regarding Katie’s marital woes.
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* Reminder that B&B will move from CTV to ‘A’ (airing at 2pm instead of 1:30) next week because of the Olympics on CTV

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Carly is worried that Vivian knows that Melanie is her daughter. Brady gives Arianna a gift that belonged to Isabella. Carly falls and gets a concussion. Daniel asks Lucas to let Chloe spend some time with Allie. Victor threatens Kate. Hope finds out that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Lucas tells Philip that he thinks Melanie may still have feelings for Nathan. Maggie tells Melanie that she won’t be able to attend the wedding. Chloe is pregnant. Vivan reveals her deadly plan for Melanie to Carly. EJ finds out that Rafe and Sami and reunited. Nathan tries to see Melanie. Victor and Chloe clash.
* DOOL is pre-empted on Friday in the day-ahead markets because NBC has pre-empted the show next Monday (Feb. 15th) due to Olympic coverage.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Dante tells Sonny that he lied about the shooting in order to protect Michael, Morgan and Kristina – not him. Olivia takes her anger out on Sonny. Lucky continues his downward spiral. Ronnie continues to push Dante for the truth. Sonny believes that he and Dante will be able to have a proper relationship. Michael tells Mac that he’s the one who killed Claudia but Mac assumes that Michael is just trying to protect Sonny. Johnny visits Anthony in prison about taking over the family business. Helena pays Nikolas a surprise visit. That slut, Elizabeth, has a meltdown in Jason’s arms. Dante’s badge is on the line when Agent Rayner tells him he needs to change his story. Elizabeth heads to the church where she and Lucky exchanged vows. Lucky finds Elizabeth in grave danger.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Mitch explains to a drugged Jessica tha they will conceive a child together (umm, for those who watch – isn’t he her father?). Natalie hallucinates that John is Jared and they share a kiss. Brody bursts into the cabin before Mitch can carry out his twisted plan. Schuyler admits that he is the father of Stacy’s baby. Brody is furious when he finds out that Jessica can no longer remember him after being subjected to electroshock. Charlie’s gunshot goes astray after Dorian’s sudden arrival and hits an unintended victim. Gigi goes to rescue Stacy, who gives birth. Gigi is stranded in the middle of a frozen lake. Marty sees John and Natalie kissing. Gina Tognoni returns as Kelly Cramer on Friday.


The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Victor announces that he’s buying Jabot. Katherine gives Tucker a reality check. Billy runs into Victoria in New York City. Amber and Daniel argue about the future. Patty spins further out of control. JT and Victoria make an important decision. Victor later issues JT a warning. Ashley makes a surprising decision. Traci asks the family to honour Colleen. Cane recreates a special moment for Lily. A medical emergency terrifies Paul. Victor gives Gloria a job at Jabot. Emily has pre-wedding jitters…will Patty switch places with Emily?
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