Soap Spoilers: Nighttime Hope plans to kill Bo, Sam aims a gun at Franco and Ronan’s intentions are revealed on Y&R


Scott tells Marissa that Annie will be running the PR at Chandler Enterprises. Colby goes through Damon’s belongings to see if he’s seeing someone else. Krystal assures Jackson that he has nothing to worry about when it comes to Erica. Greenlee is upset when she learns that she isn’t invited to her father’s wedding. Erica lies to Jackson and makes a confession to Caleb. Ryan helps a drunken Greenlee get back to her hotel room. David issues a threat to Frankie. Angie begins to have trouble seeing and becomes disoriented. Caleb makes a move on Erica. Bianca tells Greenlee that Ryan and Madison have gone to New York City. Erica and Jackson make a decision to postpone their wedding. Marissa has trouble studying while caring for AJ. Angie encounters yet another visual-disorientation. David and Jesse have a confrontation. Greenlee interrupts Madison and Ryan’s evening in New York.
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Henry finally learns the truth about Vienna’s lies. Will thinks something is wrong with Barbara. Lucinda launches a new scheme. Antony’s presence upsets Dusty. Lily and Craig head to New York to sign a contract for the perfume factory. Faith goes with Parker to a commercial shoot. Craig and Lily’s adventure turns romantic. Liberty is upset to see Parker and Faith getting closer. Bob rejects Mona’s proposal. Carly learns about Jack’s offer for Liberty and Janet. Gwen and Will want to get to the truth. Dusty becomes suspicious. Francoise catches Craig and Lily in a state of undress. Henry tells Vienna he is done with their marriage. Barbara plans her.

Pam visits Stephen. Bill fights with Stephanie and reveals his secret weapon. The arbitrator determines what Donna is entitled to in the divorce settlement. Stephanie receives a peace offering from Pam. Steffy finds new ammunition for another blackmail demand of Brooke. Bridget is once again rejected by Nick. Oliver and Brooke feel the sting of Steffy’s blackmail. Pam gets a big surprise. Nick makes a shocking announcement. Brooke things the only way to stop Steffy is to tell Ridge the truth. Unwilling to put her life on hold for Oliver any longer, Hope decides to go to college in Boston. Brooke confesses to Ridge. Stephanie shares her feelings with Steffy.
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Philip finds out that Chloe is pregnant. Nicole confronts EJ about kidnapping Sydney. Brady and Arianna grow further apart. Nicole decides she can expose EJ’s guilt on TV. Melanie asks Philip if they can move into their own home. Adrienne thinks Hope has gone off the deep end. Lexie learns that Abe is taking sleeping pills.  Nicole ties to tell Sami the truth about the kidnapping. Hope and Carly have a heated encounter at the hospital. EJ warns Nicole to keep quiet. Madeline reveals the truth to Chad about her past. Nighttime Hope tells Dr. Baker that she’s ready to kill Bo. Chad and Madeline’s confrontation ends in tragedy.
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Claire threatens to report Michael to a judge. Dante, Spinelli and Jason find Franco’s mansion. Patrick can’t make love to Robin. Lucky looks to Johnny for answers about the car bomb. Jason finds more clues about Franco. Kristina freaks out. Expecting to see Jason, Sam sees Franco instead. Sam confronts Franco with a gun. Sonny kisses Claire. Ethan gets Maya to open up about her tragic romantic past. Michael tells Carly to give Jax another chance. Liz goes into labor. Lulu gets an unwelcomed visitor (Franco). Spinelli breaks up with Maxie. Jason’s plan for Franco is thrown off track. Claire has advice for Sonny. Franco’s plan becomes clear.
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Cris and Layla find Evangeline in the hospital on a ventilator. Blair is ready to give Eli an answer to his proposal. John tells Bo he believes Hannah is faking her behaviour. James is offered legal services. The judge and Nora reach an agreement about Todd’s charges. Blair accepts Eli’s marriage proposal. Markko tells Langston that he’s leaving Llanview for awhile. Viki asks David to model bathing suits. Rex dedicates his time to work on Kelly’s case. Viki and Charlie continue to work together on their scheme but it doesn’t come together as they had hoped when Dorian finds David and Viki in an unusual situation. Cole tries to get Hannah to reveal the truth. Jessica and Natalie are taken to the hospital.

Phyllis says goodbye to Nick. Victor publicly denounces Adam. Jill tries to worm her way into Lauren’s life and Fenmore business. Meggie surprise Victor and Nikki. Jack and Phyllis fall into old habits. Ashley and Tucker make a decision. Christine returns to Genoa City while Sharon wants to leave. Christine is stunned with Paul and Nina’s relationship. Nikki tells Meggie that Victor is off limits. Ronan’s intentions are revealed. Nikki is surprised by Victori’s proposal.
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