Soap Spoilers: Y&R’s Chloe vows to get even, AMC’s Angie is pregnant and Brooke’s secret is out on B&B


Colby is upset when Adam doesn’t show up. Greenlee warns David to stay away from Ryan. Damon comforts Colby. David agrees to some time apart. Bianca tells Ryan about Greenlee and David’s separation. Tad is torn between believing Liza or Damon. David threatens to expose Greenlee. Liza attempts to hide the truth from Tad. David goes to extreme measures to save his marriage. Damon and Colby plan to leave Pine Valley for good. Madison becomes concerned about Ryan’s memory. Angie learns some surprising news – she’s pregnant! Greenlee is taken to the police station. Natalia tells Jesse to stop obsessing about David. David plans a romantic dinner. Jesse learns about Angie’s pregnancy. Caleb confides in Bianca. Annie tries to make peace with Marissa.
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Jack and Carly find Faith and Parker in an intimate moment. Luke tries to help Reid. Chris reveals his aspirations and his feelings for Katie. Paul and Henry investigate a charge made on Barbara’s credit card. Luke and Reid discuss taking the next step. Bob and Kim are at odds over the situation at the hospital.  Craig tries to make Lily feel better about Holden’s wedding to Molly. Holden goes to Paris to rescue Lily. Henry’s desire to find Barbara intensifies while potential evidence is destroyed. Barbara has visions of James Stenbeck. A latter from Barbara is discovered. Dusty and Lucy are caught in an embrace. Abigail returns to Oakdale for Holden and Molly’s wedding. Iris reveals herself to Barbara. Anthony tries to seduce Janet.

Ridge delivers some disturbing news to Steffy while Steffy says she’s innocenet. Brooke and Hope have it out about Brooke’s infidelity. Stephanie confronts Brooke. Hope looks to Bridget for comfort and understanding. Bill reverts back to his old ways while Brooke pleads her love to ridge. Steffy hires a team to give her some good publicity. Stephanie makes Hope a generous offer – a place to stay. Taylor makes a shocking move. Brooke is horrified to learn that Hope has agreed to move in with Stephanie. Steffy hires Liam to help her. American Idol’s Jason Castro performs on Friday.
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Will offers his condolences to Chad. Stephanie makes an upsetting discovery – that Nathan has been keeping a photo of Melanie. Philip has a surprise for Melanie. Nicole is happy to see Brady. Arianna and Brady get into an argument. Will and Stefano bond. Bo tries to remember his attack. Nicole asks EJ for cash. Sami has some difficulties. Brady runs into Dr. Baker. Maggie urges Victor to make amends. Chad grills Kate about Madeline’s past. Vivian makes an accusation and later starts drinking. After EJ proposes, Sami turns to Caroline for advice, who urges her to follow her heart. Vivian realizes that Carly is keeping more secrets. Sami runs into Rafe. Ciara and Theo help Bo figure out the truth. Hope pulls a knife on Bo.
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DEGRASSI (MuchMusic/Teen Nick)
Drew is Riley’s rival for the quarterback spot. Alli tries out for the Power Squad. Jenna becomes jealous. Riley and Owen play a prank on Drew. Alli decides to create a new dance crew to rival the Power Squad. Jenna’s jealousy gets the better of her. KC tries to stay away from his mother. Clare struggles with writing. Alli asks Dave for advice. Clare’s parents’ marriage is in jeopardy. Alli thinks that Drew is her boyfriend.
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Jason pulls a gun on Dante. Maxie warns Robin about Lisa. Mac is injured. Maxie and Robin wait out Mac’s surgery together. Franco is up to his old tricks and the art exhibit is just the beginning. Elizabeth has a breakdown. Steve thanks Olivia for helping Ethan. Liz worries about her baby. Skye finds  away into Fernanda’s computer. Dante warns Jason not to push Franco too hard. Sam asks Jason to consider going on the run with her so that he doesn’t have to go back to jail. Lucky finds disturbing evidence. Carly puts together a welcome home party for Jax. Johnny informs Ethan that he has proof that Sonny set the bomb. Dante sees Brook Lynn and Johnny together. Olivia and Johnny have an encounter outside of Kelly’s. Nikolas and Liz are devastated. Jason reveals the truth behind Carter’s attack.
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Natalie confides in Gigi about her reasons to have an abortion. Blair tells Dorian that she’s going to marry Eli. Layla and Cristian realize the decision that needs to be made. Eli alters evidence in order to confuse Rex. Blair becomes the referee between David and Dorian. Cole tells Starr that he almost slept with Hannah. Kelly and Rex find an important file. Todd, Tea and Dani go to New York for some fun. Inez worries that she’ll lose her home. Todd has a change of heart. Rex’s snooping comes to a stand still. Kelly tells John about her Boston adventure. Brody proposes to Jesica. Ford gets the test results. Eli asks Blair to elope. Todd tells Starr about Tea’s condition. Eli holds a gun to Hannah’s head and orders her to take pills. John sets his plan into motion to confirm his doubts about Eli.

Chloe vows to get even after finding out that Chance slept with Heather. Adam denies having anything to do with Patty’s disappearance. Emily and Jack find themselves at odds, as Emily is terrified for Patty’s safety. Mac’s postpartum depression becomes worse and she lashes out on someone. Jack bails Abby out of jail. Abby kicks her mother out of her house. Neil warns Sofia and asks her to stay away from his family. Lauren tries to do the right thing concerning Jill; however Jill doesn’t want to play nice. Deacon helps Phyllis when she has car trouble. Christine has to break up a fight between Chance and Ronan.
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