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Soap Spoilers: Brenda is asked to be a part of Franco’s project, Rafe gets the evidence against EJ on DAYS, Chloe finds out about Ronan on Y&R and more

**Sorry for being so light on the spoilers this week (but please enjoy this photo of Brenda — she came back!). I had to set these up late last week because I’m currently on vacation. I’ll be back next week and you can expect regular updates then.**

JR tells Scott that he is a thief. Damon and Colby give Asher some money. JR is desperate to save his marriage. Ryan leaves the hospital against Kendall’s wishes. Ryan tells Greenlee his plan for David. Annie shares her feelings with Scott. David questions Kendall and Zach about their return to Pine Valley. Angie becomes emotional at her sonogram appointment. However, JEsse is there by her side. Randi sprains her ankle at a photoshoot. Frankie opens up to Madison about his mother’s illness. Natalia notices how close Frankie and Madison are. Greenlee gives David’s phone to Ryan. Krystal visits Angie and learns about her condition. Scott tells Annie that he wants to marry her right away. David questions Angie about her vision.
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Chris lashes out at Katie. Jack breaks up a fight between Parker and Gabriel. Reid agrees to help Chris keep his secret. Luke and Reid’s relationship progresses. Holden does something nice for Lily while Faith schemes to reunite them. Jack and Carly team up to get the dirt on Blackthorn. Dusty disappears. Blackthorn’s connection to Janet’s father and uncle is revealed. Barbara and Emily are rescued. Henry proposes to Barbara. Gwen is upset to learn the truth about her mother. Lucy leaves Oakdale.

Ridge becomes enraged after learning about Liam’s part in the video leak. Stephanie gives Oliver some advice. Steffy remains strong while Ridge and Bill argue. Liam saves Hope from the press and later opens up to her. Steffy and Stephanie discuss Steffy’s new position over Brooke. Oliver comes up with a romantic plan to win back Hope’s affections. Aggie and Nick disagree about Jackie’s future. Hope is moved by Oliver’s gesture. Liam tries to explain his actions to Steffy. Owen shares his feelings for his future. Owen tells Jackie that he wants to work behind the camera. Oliver witnesses Hope kiss Liam.
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Rafe turns to Victor for advice. Melanie is attacked. Bo begs Hope to plead not guilty. Daniel believes that Chloe and Carly are bonding. Rafe tries to seduce Nicole. Justin, Bo and Abe testify on Hope’s behalf. Justin and Adrienne try to solve their relationship problems. Rafe successfully gets the CD of EJ’s confession. Stefano reaches out to Sami. Vivian has a plan to get rid of Maggie from Victor’s life. Sami and Will bond. EJ tells Arianna about his upcoming wedding. Kate has a flashback of Chad’s real father. Stephanie finds out about Chloe’s paternity test results.
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Brenda hangs up the phone when Claire answers Sonny’s phone. Brook slips Dante the ‘date rape’ drug. Morgan runs away from home to see his dad, which upsets Carly. Lulu finds Dante with Brook. Liz and the boys move into Wyndemere. Jason and Sam are reunited. Robin’s medication goes missing. Johnny plans to kill Sonny. Lulu slaps Brook. Max and Lucky discuss his history of addiction. Maya expresses her concerns to Johnny about Ethan’s safety. A betrayed Lulu tells Maxie about Brook and Dante. Lisa takes Emma out without permission. Sonny talks to Kristina about Brenda. Brenda is approached by Franco’s art dealer and asks her to be the face of Franco’s next masterpiece.
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Jessica tells Ford that she is pregnant with Brody’s baby. Hannah tells John that she is worried that no one will believe her. Blair vows to Eli that they will get married. Todd asks Shaun to help him locate Tea. John demands to get answers out of Ford. Brody catches Jessica on a call about a paternity test. Inez asks for Ford’s help. Bo agrees to be David’s best man. John, Bo and Nora work together to obtain the evidence needed to arrest Eli. Dorian tells Viki about her upcoming wedding. Kelly is arrested.

Chloe learns the truth about Ronan. Joanna returns and might hold the key to the truth when Jill’s trial comes to court. Adam vows to get even.
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