Soap Spoilers: Brenda reunites with Robin & Jax and later faces off against Carly on GH – Plus: Adam catches JR and Annie on AMC and Meggie tries to protect her identity on Y&R


Kendall is reassigned from scrubbing toilets to mopping floors. Tad and Colby congratulate Damon on getting his GED. Liza offers Damon an assistant job at her law firm. Annie is furious with JR for ruining her party. Colby wonders what JR and Asher are working on. Caleb catches Asher trying to break into his house. Erica returns from her trip. Greenlee apologizes to Jackson and asks for his forgiveness. Scott walks in on JR and Annie having sex. Scott removes his wedding ring and tosses it into the garbage. Krystal confides in Opal that she’s worried about Marissa’s custody battle with JR. Caleb and Erica agree they do not want to keep fighting over Cortlandt.  Krystal learns that Jackson is back in town. Annie thinks that all JR wants from her is sex. Ryan gives Madison a key to his apartment. Jackson suggests to Greenlee that Ryan take the fall. Jackson later questions Greenlee on her feeling for Ryan.
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Katie and Donna learn some important information. Jackie tells Owen about Rick’s marriage proposal. Steffy delivers a tempting offer to Bill. Hope kisses Liam. Brooke returns to the company without Stephanie or Steffy knowing. Liam interviews Steffy. Nick announces major changes at Jackie M. Brooke pays Stephanie an expected visit. Jackie agrees to Nick’s terms. Nick receives a surprising kiss. Bridget is stunned. Stephanie is upset when she looses something of sentimental value.
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Adrienne and Justin wonder if their divorce was a mistake. Arianna wants to bring EJ’s shooter to justice. Justin questions Brady’s odd behaviour. Bo and Kayla are reunited. Daniel confronts Nathan. Chloe receives a visit from Father Matt. Justin tells Bo that Hope signed the divorce papers. Hope begins a new job in the prison infirmary. Melanie is upset by the information she overhears. Daniela and Chloe’s wedding day arrives. Nicole and Brady discuss what to do with Vivian. Nathan makes a confession to Melanie. Vivian tries to reach out to Gus. Daniel has a nice moment with Nicole. Stephanie is confronted. Daniel praises Philip for his devotion and friendship to Chloe. EJ tells Stefano he will look for proof. Sami catches Arianna questioning Will. Carly gives Daniel a wedding gift. Sami warns Will that Arianna can’t be trusted. At Lexie’s urging, Sami visits EJ. Chloe talks to Melanie.
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Robin tells Patrick that she doesn’t want him back. Brenda tells Sonny that they won’t see each other. Sonny makes a decision about Claire. Suzanne arrives in Port Charles. Sam offers to find Michael a prostitute. Maxie advises Robin to reconcile with Patrick. Suzanne clashes with Diane. Maxie is determined to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Robin and Brenda have a heart-to-heart. Brend and Jax reunite. Lucky gets a surprise visit from Luke in an Irish prison. Robin encourages Sonny to follow his heart and pursue Brenda. Carly comes face to face with Brenda.

Blair thinks that Todd’s mind is playing tricks on him. John finds Greg nearly dead. Darren comforts Destiny when she breaks down about Greg’s condition.  Jessica learns that she has high blood pressure due to stress. Todd and Ross almost come to blows. Marty wonders what secret Brody is keeping. Ross and Eli have a showdown at the docks. Natalie discovers James’ bullet necklace. Starr finds a shocking surprise in her apartment. John questions Nate about Dani’s whereabouts. Inez tells Ford that Clint is going to help get his job back at the university. Viki gets Echo to admit that she has an agenda for coming back to town.

Adam makes a scene. Cane asks JT for help. Lily watches the DVD at the cabin. Katherine finds Murphy in distress. Abby remembers Colleen. Meggie plans to escape. Tucker’s intimacy with Jill is misinterpreted. Daniel has an art show. Victoria and Abby receive a shocking offer. Meggie tries to protect her identity. Diane’s return sparks conflict with Phyllis, Victor and Nikki. Deacon and Meggie plot to break up Victor and Nikki.
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