Is Gossip Girl ripping off 90210 and The O.C.? Plus: The Avengers poster and more


— On last night’s Gossip Girl, we found out that the real Charlie (aka Lola) is not only Serena’s cousin but also her half-sister because Lily’s sister Carol had an affair with Billy Baldwin…just like what we saw with Donna and Gina on Beverly Hills 90210 back in 2000.

I’m really enjoying Georgina lately, they’ve pretty much redeemed her from that horrible baby Milo storyline from last season. I love her interaction with her husband Philip, who up until last night served no real purpose and probably won’t again. Sure, she’s not really Gossip Girl, but I enjoy her screwing with everyones lives because she’s got nothing better to do. But, I do have to ask: why couldn’t Georgina just save all that information onto a USB drive instead of sending off the Gossip Girl laptop to Serena? Other fav Georgina moments: when she took off her sweater to unveil her cleavage stunning black dress and when she said “Hey Dennis,” to the priest to get him to leave her and Dan alone at the wake.

It was also a good episode for us Dair fans. Sure, when the show first started, I doubt any of us would have even considered a Blair/Dan pairing, but it’s finally happening and I’m thrilled. In the preview of the next episode (which doesn’t air until April 2nd), Dan and Blair’s first time wasn’t worth the buildup…Oh just like Seth and Summer on The O.C.?

Also, when will this tryst take place now that Lily and Rufus are crossing the East River to the Humphrey loft? Didn’t Lily move into that penthouse after she married Bart Bass? So, isn’t it a Bass property and not a Rhodes asset? When exactly did CeCe give it to Lily for “tax purposes”? Speaking of Upper East Side housing, why is Eleanor Waldorf allowing Serenea to live at her penthouse rent-free? Serena’s a grown woman who could easily afford her own place anywhere in Manhattan? I mean, especially now that Blair’s been married off, there’s no reason why Serena still has to live there — especially since Blair/Serena have been odds for most of this season.

— Teddy’s on his way back to 90210.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is actually happening. Like, for real.

The Daily Beast‘s got a roundtable with the ladies of Community, check it out here.

Entertainment Weekly‘s got the brand new Avengers poster. Crazy photoshopping, but I’m still excited. Also strange, in the UK, the film is called Avengers Assemble. Hmm, okay.


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