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Where do you see Breaking Bad going now that Gus is dead? Will Walt be killed off? – Adam
We’ve only got 16 episodes left. Anna Gunn told The L.A. Times recently that AMC will split up the last season into two mini-seasons (the first eight are in production now while the other eight will go into production in early 2013). I can see the first eight episodes dealing with the fallout from Walt killing Gus as they’ll have to deal with Mike. Then there’s Hank – my hope is that Hank finally figures everything out by the end of the first batch of new episodes and confronts Walt. But, you can never be too sure with this show. As for Walt being killed off, I doubt they’d even consider that until the show actually ends. Meanwhile, look out for Giancarlo Esposito (Gus) on Community later this season.

Why did Rome end after only two seasons? – Jean-Philippe
Rome was originally conceived by HBO and BBC as a mini-series, however due to its early success, they agreed to do a second season. Mid-way through the second season’s production, the networks realized that there was no way they could financially as the first twelve episodes cost nearly $100 million U.S. to produce. While the show’s writers envisioned third and fourth seasons, HBO and BBC made their decision to end the series midway through the writing of the second season. There was talk of a possible movie revival, but nothing has since materialized.

Switched at Birth is my new guilty pleasure and I’m dying to know if it’ll be renewed for another season? Also, what about Dirty Soap? – Mylene
ABC Family picked up an additional 22 episodes of the first season, which wrapped up its original 10 episode run last August. The new episodes made their debut in January and should continue to air well into the spring. Although there’s no official word yet for another season, we might know closer to upfronts in May. Switched at Birth has been airing as a special preview on YTV on Monday nights at 9 p.m. and will be featured on the new Canadian network, ABC Spark, which launches on March 26th along with other ABC Family hits including The Lying Game and Melissa and Joey.  As for Dirty Soap, E! has decided not to pick up the series for a second season. Sucks, I know.

Person of Interest seems to keep rolling along. Any scuttlebutt on their renewal status? – Kenai
At the Television Critics Association press tour last month, CBS exec Nina Tessler said that the network was “extremely pleased” with the show but there was no official decision on a renewal yet (for any show). Based on ratings and reception, I’m pretty sure it’ll get renewed.

Does Alcatraz’s continuous ratings free fall mean that Terra Nova has a better chance to return? – Keith
Sort of…the big test will be when the new Kiefer Sutherland series, Touch has its official premiere next month. We should also note that Fox has cancelled House, so it does free up funds and a timeslot. Terra Nova will premiere in the New Zealand market later this week, so the international feedback should help factor into Fox’s decision. Fox is still keeping cast members under contract until June 30th but that doesn’t mean the actors can’t guest star on other projects (pending network approval), look for Stephen Lang to appear on a multi-episode arc of In Plain Sight.

When do Lucas and Billie return to Days of our Lives? – Stacey
Bryan Dattilo returns as Lucas Roberts Horton next week (Wednesday, Feb. 29th) while Lisa Rinna reprises her role as Billie Reed on March 8th.

What was up with that twist on Revenge? The dead body appeared to be Daniel in the pilot and in the opening of last week’s episode but it ended up being Tyler. – Jag
Yup, that was quite the twist. We’ve speculated if it was a last minute decision to keep Joshua Bowman (Daniel) on board or if it was they’re plan all along and you can have your say in our poll here. As a soap fan, I never did take the “death” in the pilot too seriously because I knew it probably wouldn’t be what it seemed but I am hoping that the writers and producers didn’t decide to keep Bowman on at the last minute if the character or the Daniel/Emily pairing won over fans (or if Bowman’s real-life relationship with Emily Van Camp had any influence). I’m hopeful that this is all part of the larger plan. The big question I have is who really killed Tyler? Was it Faux Amanda? the Sensei? A very-much alive David Clarke? Ashley!? Come back to the blog in the next day or so to listen to the latest As Scene on TV podcast for our Revenge discussion.

Also, for some crazy reason, ABC has decided not to air a new episode tonight, instead Revenge returns next Wednesday and here’s a preview:

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