The Hills Reunion Special: Kristin’s Pregnant!


When news broke of Kristin Cavallari‘s pregnancy on Sunday, we couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of The Hills cast would react to the big news. We imagined they’d all meet up at a local coffee/juice bar and it would go a little something like this:

Lo: Hey you guys! Oh my god…have you heard?

Lauren/LC: No! What?

Lo: OMG. Okay, so it’s BIG! Kristin’s PREGNANT!

Lauren: Shut Up!

Whitney: No way!

Audrina: Like, with a baby?

Lauren: So wait…who’s the father?

Lo: Jay…

Whitney: Huh?

Olivia: Whitney, didn’t you date someone named Jay?


Kelly: What are you doing here Olivia? Go away.

Jay: Tamarama 🙁

Lisa Love: Can we get back to the paternity question, please?

Jayde Nicole: Well, it can’t be Brody, right?

Brody: HELL NO!

Kristin: Goodbye Brody.

Justin Bobby: It’s not me either.

Spencer: So who is it?

Lo: It’s Jay Cutler.

Lauren: Didn’t they call off their engagement?

Lo: Well, I guess she found a way to keep him.

**Ringtone: Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams, let it wash away..**

Kristin: Oh god. Audrina just pocket-dialed me.

Kristin: Ha! Those losers are STILL talking about me!

Lauren: You guys, I’ll be back later. Bye.

Stephanie: You know what this is going to lead to, don’t you?

Heidi: Spencer! We have to do this too!

Darlene: Oh god. No.

Holly: Pay attention to me! I still have a drinking problem, you guys.

Enzo: If you and Specer have a baby, can you return me to my parents?

Whitney: This is all just too crazy. So much drama. But where’s Lauren?

Jason: Not with me!

Whitney: Oh my god. Where could she be?

Lauren: Hey Stephen.

The End?

Dan & Jessi: Big show tonight!


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