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Welcome back to MSN at the Movies! This week, we take a look at which films you should check in out in theatres (Gravity fo' sho'!), which ones you should stream and what's playing on your TV. Also, if your not ready yet for these releases, you can always check out what was recommended last week.


In theatres

The week’s
biggest release is Gravity from
writer/director Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mama
Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
and Children of Men). The film stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
as two surviving astronauts from a damaged space shuttle.


Gravity got its North American premiere last
month during TIFF where Bullock and Cuarón discussed the intense filming
process. “There was some blood and blisters,” said Bullock in our
. We also
took a look at Bullock’s career with a retrospective
, starting
with the TV version of Working Girl,
to breaking out with Speed and her
Oscar win for The Blind Side.

If you’re
planning on seeing Gravity, I’d
suggest checking it out in IMAX 3D to experience Cuarón’s masterpiece the way
it was intended.


Also hitting
theatres this weekend is Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake’s Runner Runner where a debt-ridden master’s
student is offered a job by an Internet gambling mogul. Gallery-wise, we’ve taken
a look at some other good guys getting corrupted.


There’s also Bad Milo!, a horror-comedy about a guy
who discovers a demon living in his butt. We’ve got an interview
with the lead
, Ken
Marino, who you’ll recognize from Party
and a few other comedies. Community’s
Gillian Jacobs also stars along with Seinfeld’s (and Rules of Engagement, I guess)
Patrick Warburton. Mark Duplass (The
, The Mindy Project) serves
as the film’s executive producer. Update: So sucks for us in Canada as it won't be released here today BUT should be out soon…You can still give the interview a read, it'll be worth it because, well…it's Ken Marino.


Oh and one last
flick: Parkland. If historical dramas
aren’t your thing, this might still be worth seeing. The film recounts the
chaotic events that occurred at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital following U.S.
President Kennedy’s assassination. The film boasts
a great cast

including Billy Bob Thornton, Marcia Gay Harden, Paul Giamatti, Ron Livingston,
Colin Hanks, Tom Welling (!), James Badge Dale and Zac Efron.

Bottom line:
I’ve seen 3 out of four of these films. I enjoyed Gravity and Parkland.
Wish I saw Bad Milo! instead of Runner Runner – hopefully I’ll be able
to check it out this weekend.


At home

Two great
children’s classics are back: The Wizard of Oz and
The Little Mermaid

We’ve got an interview
with Samuel E. Wright
who voiced Sebastian the crab. You guys better be impressed. If you’re looking
for something a little more bloody (hey, it’s almost Halloween!), there’s a
sequel to the 2011 Fright Night remake.
Fright Night 2: New Blood stars Jaime
Murray of Defiance, Dexter, Spartacus and
Ringer fame. You can check out our
interview with Murray and director Eduardo Rodriguez here.




This is 40, last year’s Knocked Up spin-off airs Saturday evening on The Movie Network’s M
Fun (8 p.m.). The film follows Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann characters, Pete and
Debbie who each turn 40 as they analize their jobs and marriage. Stick around
for Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds’ The
, which also stars Leslie Mann at 10:20 p.m.


You can actually
still see The Wizard of Oz without
purchasing it if you wanted to as the 1939 classic will air on YTV at 8 p.m. on
Saturday. Oz the Great and Powerful
will air a day before, 9:01 p.m. on The Movie Network. Need to warm up to some
Bullock before going to see Gravity?
CosmoTV will air Miss Congeniality on
Friday at 10 p.m.



A look ahead

Romeo & Juliet hits theatres next week and we got an
exclusive look at the stars and crew discuss what it was like filming on
location in Verona, Italy.

The trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug also
dropped this week, giving us a look at the second part of Peter Jackson’s
trilogy. Among the highlights in the clip (below) are the additions of
Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel, Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Benedict Cumberbatch
as the voice of Smaug, the fire-breathing dragon.


Which film(s) will you be checking out in
theatres this weekend? What will you be renting/streaming? Let us know in the

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