Soap News: Big DAYS Scoop – EJ’s affair with Abby gets steamy and more!


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— Spoiler Alert: scroll down if you don’t want to know how DAYS kicks off February sweeps.

Look for the polar vortex that is EJ (James Scott) and Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) love life to continue well into February on Days of our Lives.

As Sami gets stranded in Chicago on Tuesday, February 4, expect EJ to blow off some steam at the company gym. After his workout, EJ heads to the showers but he won’t be alone! Look for Abigail (Kate Mansi) to surprise him in there! EJ and Abby have sex in the shower!

Yup, Abby and EJ’s affair is far from over! But what about Sami? When she manages to make her way back to Salem later that same night, will she find her fiancé with a younger woman? Forget about love in the afternoon, over at Days of our Lives as of late, it’s been about scandal in the afternoon.

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— There were two big soap exits announced this week: Kimberly McCullough announced her return to General Hospital as Robin was coming to an end. And probably the biggest, Alison Sweeney revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she would be leaving her role as Sami Brady later this year after 22 years!

Days of our Lives and General Hospital were renewed this week while The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful’s picksups were announced last week. Click here for more.

General Hospital’s head writer Ron Carlivati has signed a new contract with the ABC soap.

Ilene Kristen is on her way back to GH as Delia, the character she first played on Ryan’s Hope, reports Soap Opera Digest.

— If you missed the photos of Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson’s appearance on GH, click here. Look for the GH fan to appear on the daytime soap next week.

— Could former One Life to Live star Kassie DePaiva be headed to Days of our Lives?

— Don’t forget: Michael Muhney (Adam) and Billy Miller’s (Billy) big exit scenes (that I first told you about last week) will air next week.

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Rants & Raves:

  • Carter who? It was nice for The Bold and the Beautiful to remember Zack Conroy’s Oliver Jones this week. Hope’s ex and Brooke’s former masked lover locked lips with Maya (Karla Mosley).
  • I enjoyed the scenes with General Hospital’s younger set this week when Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) and Cameron (Michael Leone) first faught over Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and later crossed paths with Heather Webber (Robin Mattson). The Spencer/Emma/Cameron triangle is far more riveting than Rafe/Molly/TJ.
  • Explain to me why The Young and the Restless’ Abby (Melissa Ordway) is looking at small apartments with Tyler (Redaric Williams) when she inherited Brad’s mansion? Call the pest control and get rid of the rats. I’m pretty sure the millions Abby got from Victor could pay for both Abby and Tyler’s commute from the house to downtown GC for work each day.
  • Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) confession to Nicole (Arianne Zucker) when they thought they were going to die was heartbreaking. Strip Eric of his collar and let these two finally reunite! Also love Julie (Susan Seaforth-Hayes) budding in and looking for Nick on Days of our Lives. Loved the shout outs to Shawn-Douglas, Jessica and Marie.

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What’s coming up:

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV Two): Hope learns the truth about Wyatt.
Katie plays matchmaker. Following a marriage proposal, a couple gives in to their desire and makes love for the first time. Despite Quinn’s pleas to Pam to keep Wyatt’s secret, Pam reveals all to Liam who then rushes to tell Hope. Wyatt tried to justify his actions regarding the jewellery heist. Eric and Rick become concerned about how Forrester Creations will look if word about the truth behind Wyatt’s publicity stunt gets out. Bill gets Justin to dig up some dirt on Ridge. Rick questions Ridge’s true intentions with Brooke. Brooke speaks to Ridge about their future together. 

Coronation Street (CBC): Hayley begins saying her goodbyes.
Todd makes a play at Marcus. Tyrone and Kirk return with strawberries for Hayley. Kal encourages Dev to go for Stella. Eileen catches Todd in a shocking situation. Anna and Izzy persuade Owen and Gary to again with a new project. Leanne doesn’t feel confident as a wife and mother. Leanne is upset at Stella for interfering in her marriage. Hayley begins saying her goodbyes.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global): EJ gives Abby a warning.
EJ gives Abigail a warning. Sami and Kate worry that their secret will come out. Nicole finds out that Eric is leaving town. Daniel feels hopeful that Eric will be exonerated. EJ tells Sami that things must change. Maggie declares that she can no longer be Brady’s sponsor. JJ worries that Theresa won’t fall into his trap. Kate is stunned by a potential new employee. Victor winds up in the middle when Maggie and Brady argue about his use of alcohol. Nicole and Daniel track down Dr. Chyka. Jordan rescues Rafe from a tense situation.

General Hospital (ABC/City): Victor Cassadine returns!
Olivia and Sonny discuss Morgan and how Julian let him go so easily. Ava receives some upsetting news. Lucy is worried that Felicia will tell Kevin that she slept with Scotty. Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson appears as Kevin’s patient. Dante and Nathan discuss Dante’s seperation from Lulu. Robert is there for Anna when she is distraught about Duke. Franco and Silas both believe that they have been framed. Tracey reports to Anna that Luke is missing. Robert leaves Port Charles just as Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) returns!

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global): Billy & Adam’s showdown!
Billy confronts Adam (more on that here). Dylan meets Ian Ward. Lauren and Michael race to save Fen. Sharon continues to be haunted by memories of Cassie.


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  1. So excited about EJabby shower sex!! I’m watching Days again because of them. These two are the best thing to happen in soaps for a long time!

  2. So Days thinks their target demo wants to see a man in a committed relationship screw a tween ho while his fiance, the mother of his children, is out of town on a business trip? The sleeze factor of this storyline is simply appalling. And the implicit message is that women can’t trust their men to keep it in their pants. Some message. And I haven’t even started on the massive character destruction being done to EJ DiMera. I’m just shaking my heads at this whole mess. No wonder Ali Sweeney is leaving the show.

    • Ali Sweeney is leaving the show to be with her kids. She has made that pretty clear.
      And yes, that is exactly why most of us watch soap operas. For the drama.
      It is amazing how many grown women have their realities so wrapped up in this, haha!
      It is a TV show! If you are watching Days of Our Lives, or Soaps in general, for a “message” you are probably looking in the wrong place.
      I have been watching Days since I was a kid! I love Sami, but it is nice (with, or without her leaving) for them to shake it up once in a while, and there are many of us who appreciate the new match-ups and fresh faces on the show.

    • Exactly Maggie!
      The only people that would like this union are those with no morals. Little Abby has turned from this righteous do gooder into a righteous slut. Her mom would be so proud. I can’t stand to watch her. She was a pain in the A watching her when it was yet another married man (Austin) and she has not gotten any better nor learned her lesson. While I def watch the show ONLY for entertainment purposes and have since I was a child…there are STILL things that I don’t like to see happen and that is little sluts coming in a breaking up a marriage or a family. Of course it seems to be the world we live in now…(instant and absolute gratification no matter what it takes or who it hurts) Abby certainly doesn’t think twice about Sami (who has been extremely nice to her) or the children that she & EJ share…and THAT to me is disgusting! And just like ANY OTHER man it seems…so much for EJ loving his Samanther so so much…. blah! What horseshit! As good as he is to look at and as hard as they seem to have tried to turn him into a “good” dimera – they are screwing it all up again with this BS. Whatever EJ…screw Abby to your hearts content – Sami deserves way better…oh and she will get it too…cuz she’s leaving! Don’t blame her either! Uuggghhh!!!

  3. EJ character was destroyed when he raped Sami at gun point, when he lied and told her her daughter Sydney was dead, when he replace her husband Rafe with an imposter so he could listen to him having sex with her, another rape and it goes on and on….

    • Agreed, I find him and Sami together sick and disguisting after what they’ve done to eachother. Rape and bullets does not equal romance for me.

    • And what about Ej did to little slut Abby’s family ? He trew her own mother Jennifer in jail ! And threatened to kill her ! UGH

  4. 🙁 I hate EJ cheating on Sami. It’s so sad to see all of these years of his loving Sami ruined by this skeezy storyline with Abby. Oh well. With Alison Sweeney leaving anyway, it sounds like this is a great time to switch to GH and watch Thaao Penghlis instead!

    • The “skeezy” storyline between he and Abby is the worst thing that you can think of in the history of EJ and Sami????? Then you haven’t been “watching them for years”.
      And if you watch any Soap for ONE couple then you are going to be disappointed regularly. EJ and Sami have only been back together a short time (in the grand scheme of things). She was with someone else, he was with someone else, and even within this last year, or so, she was planning to leave EJ for Rafe. So why does she deserve him anyway?
      Are we watching the same show? While I believe that EJ loves Sami in some twisted way, their love is far from healthy , and really not deserving at all of a “fairy tale ending”. With, or without her leaving the show.
      Love that the show is adding fresh faces, and shaking up all of the old standards. Keeps it fresh!

  5. The Good: Ericole is finally moving forward, at least a little bit! Meanwhile, those little ones on GH are really adorbs! That actress who plays Emma is the most talented child actor I’ve seen since I don’t know when! And Victor Cassadine is coming back!!

    The Bad: Robin just got back and now she’s leaving? Huh???

    The Ugly: Abby stalks EJ to the *shower* and they have sex AGAIN? This is truly the most disgusting, insulting, VILE S/L on any soap I watch. I don’t know who has taken over control of plotting, but they really do NOT have a clue what grown women want to watch, good grief! The LAST thing I want to see is a grown man who professes to be madly in love with his fiancée/mother of his children boffing some teenage ho while she’s out of town – not under ANY circumstances! I totally get that the first time EJ was whoring himself out to shut the twit up, and that was vile and creepy enough, but now he has to put out again? That’s just disgusting. And the destruction of all the characters involved – turning EJ and Sami into idiots and Abby into a sleazy homewrecking ho – is both appalling and so totally unnecessary. Somebody really needs to stop this trash NOW. *shudder*

  6. I’m so excited about Ejabby!!!! I can’t wait for these scenes, the chem between James Scott and Kate Mansi is fantastic, I love how they play all the different layers. They’ve really breath new life into both characters for me, EJ had lost that edge after him & Sami got back together, wearing sweaters and begging for everythingfrom both Sami and his father. It was sad to see. I’m glad EJ is getting back to the suave, debonair yet mischevious self and it’s great seeing Abby come into her own as a young woman, someone who finally gets EJ on an intellectual level as well as a sexual one without having to have violence involved. There are moments that they are reminiscent of a young Jack and Jennifer. I can’t wait to see where the show goes with them. On top of that I’m loving Lucas and Sheryl, and Rafe and Jordan’s budding romances and the storyline with Brady. Days is definitely my favorite soap again.

    • Yes!! They have me loving Days again. I’m so impressed with Kate Mansi and how she’s really stepped up to the plate with this storyline. She and James Scott are such a great match together and have the most amazing chemistry. I’ve also noticed the similarity to Jack and Jennifer. They were always my favorite Days couple back in the day so I’m loving the comparison. EJabby is definitely my favorite couple now though and I can’t wait for these scenes!!

  7. I’m loving EJabby and am stoked for the shower sex! EJami sucks balls! She emasculates him and all they do is fight and have angry sex. It’s very stale and the ‘chemistry’ is forced. They’ve always done terrible things to each other and I’m glad Sami is leaving the show because she is most unlikeable and annoying character on it. And for the record, Abigail is 21-NOT a teenager! She is a grown woman nearly done with college and old enough to buy her own alcohol. EJ is like 12 years older than her, but who cares? Kristen and Kate were FAR older than Rafe and Brady-like 20 years! And that still happened and a lot of people still liked that. In addition, Abby is not a ho. She is a mature (although sometimes whiny and judgmental) young woman who has only slept with 2 men (yes, they’re half-brothers which is icky but this is a soap). Sami is annoying, immature and has slept with half the town. She is the slut.

    • I think Abby may be even older than 21. After all weren’t she & Chelsea seniors in highschool in like 2007. She was in college back with Stephanie, I think she just kept going to college. Maybe she was taking breaks, who knows but Kate Mansi in real life is like 25 or 26 years old. She is definitely not a teen.

    • Sami is million times better Abby when Alison leaves this show will be a load of rubbish I think James will go as well I already reports that he may not be staying I bet it something to do with this stupid storyline anyone knows EJ only ever loved one woman that was Sami and he never cheat on her they destroyed EJ’s character to do this storyline poor James no wonder he hasn’t done any interviews about EJ and Abby they all from KM.


    • Are you kidding me?
      Abby is the slut here…you say “Abby is not a ho. She is a mature (although sometimes whiny and judgmental) young woman who has only slept with 2 men” – it goes to show your mentality…of the 2 men that you speak of, 1 was ENGAGED and there were children involved. That screams SLUT and “ho”. It is NOT OKAY to sleep with someone else’s husband (she def tried w/ Austin) or even boyfriend! Why is it that the only point you bring up in that – is that them being half brothers is icky?? LOL WOW!!! This being “soapland” you can almost expect it from them….but when ppl like YOU are out here condoning it – it just shows us married women with children that there are a MILLION of you just like her out here in the REAL WORLD who think its OKAY to do. Its N O T.

  8. while I could care less about Ericole, I am loving hot Ejabby sex! I haven’t watched the show in two years. I just started watching again with more Lucas and teh Ejabby affair. Ejabby is all kinds of hot and steamy and Ejami is washed up, yesterday’s news. Ejabby has chemistry in spades. They don’t just have spark, they have the whole freaking bon fire! BRING EJABBY ON!

  9. I can’t wait for the Ejabby shower sex!!! They are hands down my favorite couple on daytime right now. And to be perfectly honest, I’m hoping Sami will take comfort in Lucas’s arms when the affair comes out.

  10. LOL! At the idea that the rape/attempted murder couple is some grand love story being tarnished by *gasp* cheating. I doubt certain fans were clutching their pearls when Sami was cheating on her husband with the man who tried to kill him and raped her. That is certainly not anything I (a young woman in their target demo) wanted to watch.

    Ejabby are HOT! and have me tuning back into Days every day. They don’t have the disgusting toxic history that other pair have between them. It’s refreshing and new and makes E.J. watchable again. It’s also added some spice to the character of Abigail. I can’t wait for this!

  11. I can’t put into words how excited I am for EJabby shower sex! I hadn’t watched Days in years but when I saw the EJabby sex promo I decided I just had to watch. Now I’m totally hooked! EJ and Abby are the hottest soap couple in forever. The cabin scenes were on fire so I can only imagine how hot the shower scenes will be. EJabby is everything!

  12. Holy Shit!!!!! Bring on EJABBY:) Come on writers do right with this couple this is going to be HOT and SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I watch for the WilSon love story. Why no spoilers for them?
    EJ and Abby story getting interesting. Wonder how long it will take for Sammy to find out that EJ is cheating? How clueless she is.

  14. Really clueless Ha Ha!! What’s the big deal if Sami finds out maybe abby can stand on her own and bitch slap Sami for once, why is everyone so scared of Sami. My take is Sami is nothing if anything I hope she will take off and never return:)

  15. I really think EJ’s heart is with Sami and only doing Abby because she kicked him out of her bed not excusing EJ here but I don’t he loves Abby at all. I rather see Sami in the shower with EJ to be honest Abby looks like a child although KM is very pretty I like Alison more she has a better body so I hoping EJ pulls Sami into the shower as well lol.

  16. So excited for more EJ and Abby HOTNESS. These two have caught me completely by surprise and I am loving it. James Scott and Kate Mansi have so much chemistry together and are nailing this with so many delicious layers. Keep EJabby coming Days!

  17. first of all people….EJ and Abby…Abby is over 21 on the show, shes been seen drinking so for you guys who commented she is a tween…shes older then JJ….Sami should be happy but like Allison said I hope its a blast how she goes off the show….as for Nick , Blake plays an awesome BAD GUY….I would love to see TRUTH SERUM ON STEPHANO

    • I don’t think they are saying TWEEN because they actually think that she is that old…I think they are being sarcastic and saying that because she is so young acting and immature. And she is. She is always getting “smitten” with a man she can’t or shouldn’t be having. Austin is a married man…didn’t stop her…The 2 she could have had she wasn’t satisfied with – now EJ. Ej is def much older acting even if he isn’t much older than her for real. He is mature and has handled things in a mature manner for quite some time now. Abigail not so much. She is a train wreck. She is the most immature, spoiled rotten slutty acting girl I’ve seen on there for quite some time (besides Theresa of course) and therefore SEEMS like she is still yet a child.

  18. I’m sorry what is Sami not a SLUT? She has done much more more more 100000000000000000000% worse:) didn’t Sami go after Austin and stalking him lolololololol

  19. EJ & Abby – yes it is a soap but WHAT MESSAGE ARE THE WRITERS tring to send??
    EJ has declared his love for SAMI time and time again, has 2 children with her, is engaged to her and now is having an affair?? Is this how problems in relationships are solved???

    FOLKS HAPPY ABOUT EJ and Abby SHOULD CHECK THEIR MORALS or maybe their MATURITY – it’s annoying and I can no longer enjoy watching my favorite actor James Scott ( aka EJ) scenes ever again. GROSS

  20. This happens all the time in real life it’s not always Happily Ever After kids or no kids sorry to tell you that.TeamEJABBY

      • Who gives a fcuk its a soap you dumb ass bitch……. ejami is over you retarded hippie. Ejabby ftw now quit spamming the page with your bullshit about ejami puke on that nasty unholy union thank god its over. I hope Abigail pimp slap Sami’s fat face when she steps to Ej’s future baby mama (you know Abigail will be having Ej’s baby)

        • Wow…. Hahaha
          Way to be.
          Exactly what is wrong with our world today…thank you for showing the entire world your low IQ and mental handicap. We know … You can’t help yourself… Sucks that we are forced to share the same earth though.
          Carry on.

        • calm need to is just a soap after all.
          By the way the grossfest that is Ej and Abby’s ‘affair’ could NEVER EVER EVER match Ej and Sami’s chemistry and love story..NEVER never never.

  21. people it is just a soap opera no need for name calling me I was a ejami fan but Allison is leaving so why not go for the gold and go team ejabby they are the future of days and I think a Horton-dimera baby would ramp up the ratings to days cause think people hortons are good and the dimeras are bad time to see some real action sami and ej are done Now let ej have a love and that is Abigail she will straighting him up big time let ej bring his and Abigail’s baby into the world

  22. Crazy…. ej is handsome OH LA LA Abby is SUCH a cutie and Sam was not really pretty at all. Even for fiction, they do show whats lying underneath their skull. If its loyal or if its hate. la di da ya know?

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