Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Paranoia of Aria Montgomery


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Now that Shauna’s body has been found and laid to rest, it looks like her death is starting to take a toll on Aria emotionally and psychologically. I can totally get behind this version of downward spiral Aria. When she found out that Fitz was using her as research, that decent into madness didn’t seem too fleshed out. Plus it came at an odd time seeing that Spencer in cray cray land due to her drug problems. Now that Spencer is completely sober, I think we’re ready for obsessed Aria.

Obsessed Aria was already making rash, poorly thought out decisions. Watching Shauna’s funeral video. Spending time with Ezra. Attempting to reach out to Shauna’s family. I know that Aria was looking for a sense of closure or some sort of forgiveness for killing Shauna, but these were dangerous waters that she was treading into and nothing good can come from it. She needed to take the girls advice and put what happened in New York behind her.

How long does Alison think her lies about where she’s been for the last two years are going to hold up? Now that she’s back in town, everyone is going to want some answers. Sure, she gave that tall tale about being kidnapped, but that makeshift house of cards she made is going to come down. On last night’s episode, Hannah accompanied Alison to a doctor’s appointment to check out her injuries that she claimed that she sustained during her captivity. During the examination, the doctor noticed a gnarly scar on Alison’s leg. She claimed that she got it when she jumped from the moving car. We all know that it was complete crap, but when Hannah asked her the true origin of the scar, Alison spewed out one her infamous vague responses that essentially didn’t answer the question that was posed, but merely created new ones.

Alison went as far as to record the entire doctor session and demanded that Hannah give the girls a copy of it so they could keep their stories in line. Seriously, aren’t they sick of all the lies? Alison is holding so much back from the girls, yet she was asking so much of them and giving them absolutely nothing in return.

It’s taken four seasons, but the writers have finally given Paige something to do. Of all the girls’ love interest, Paige was the least involved in the girls ‘A’ problems. Paige was always on the outside looking in and it’s about damn time that she’s gotten her own story arc of trying to win back Emily whilst trying to avoid drinking the Mona Kool-aid. I hope Paige doesn’t join the dark side and screw up any chance she could have of getting back with Emily. But with Alison’s impending return to Rosewood High and Paige’s warning to Emily that Alison’s return won’t change the way she felt towards her, it looks like there might be a tough road ahead before these two to patch things up.

Meanwhile, Spencer was hot on the trail of who killed Mrs. Di Laurentis. The woman was found in her backyard and it looks like the ingredients that killed her were found in Spencer’s garage in kitchen. Did her father  kill Mrs. Di Laurentis to keep her quiet from outing their affair? Or was it because they were trying to keep Spencer safe from suspicion of killing the girl that’s currently residing in Alison’s grave. Either way Mr. Hastings was looking uber suspicious. Was he just another red herring or is just another villain

Other things:

  • Not a fan of Lucas’ chin strap. Facial hair isn’t for everyone my friend. It didn’t work for Fitz and it ain’t working for you. Remember when you took photos and had a room filled with DC Funko figures? Go back to that guy. I liked him.
  • Hannah’s new look. I thought she was sick of looking like Alison 2.0. So her decision was to get awful black streaks?!?! I expect that from Aria, but not Hannah. However, I’m definitely digging Hannah going back to her shoplifting ways. If this gets her more screen time with Det. Holbrook, than I’m all for it.
  • Speaking of Det. Holbrook, he was mentioned a few times in the episode, but we never saw him. Seeing that his pilot for the CW was canceled (thank God), shouldn’t we be seeing more of him on PLL now that Alison is back? He looks like he wants answers and he can’t be doing that off screen.

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