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Soap Spoilers: Julianne Moore on ATWT, Bridget thinks she’s pregnant on B&B and Y&R’s Masquerade Ball Explodes! Plus: Kendall is shocked to see Greenlee alive on AMC

All My Children (ABC/A)
Greenlee vows to discover what happened on the night of her accident and lashes out at Jack and Erica for withholding information. Greenlee is shocked to learnt hat Kendall doesn’t know she’s alive. Brooke wakes up to find Adam by her side. Damon faces major legal troubles. Colby points out some flaws in JR’s plan to seduce Annie. Tad takes a job as Ryan’s new casino manager. Damon doesn’t want Colby to take the rap for the car accident. David grows suspicious when Greenlee aggress to stay away from his trial. Annie realizes that Adam lied about being with Brooke. Liza fears Colby is becoming too attached to Damon. Annie tells JR why she donated bone marrow. Adam’s health suffers due to testifying. Kendall is shocked when she sees that Greenlee is alive.
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As the World Turns (CBS/Global)
Frannie (Julianne Moore) returns for Bob and Kim’s anniversary. Jack makes a romantic gesture for Carly. Gabriel messes around in Craig’s business. Henry and Barbara make a decision about their relationship. Vienna surprises Henry. Luke supports Reid. Dusty keeps quiet about Rocco. Faith is caught with drugs. Noah can see light. Reid gets some bad news. Faith bonds with Holden and Lily. Carly has it out with Janet. Molly feels insecure about Holden and Lily.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Donna finds a friend in Bill. Bridget and Aggie decide to give their friendship another chance. Donna and Eric’s marital problems case friction between Stephanie and Brooke. Whip introduces a new advertising campaign. Bridget has a panic attack. Donna begs Stephanie to move out of the guest house. Bridget tells Owen her fear. Stephanie prepares a public tribute for Eric. Pam gets incriminating evidence which will help her devious plan. Bridget takes a pregnancy test.
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Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Chloe feels threatened by Carly and Daniel’s friendship. Brady agrees to make joint decisions with Arianna. Bo takes Carly out on a date. Will and Sami have an emotional confrontation. Anna strikes a deal with Stefano. Bo gets some bad news about Kimberly and prepares to head for Los Angeles. Sami learns that Rafe is in trouble. Hope questions Rafe. Philip tries to assure Chloe. Chad’s mother meets Gabi. EJ and Stefano play a deadly game. Melanie bonds with her parents. Vivian overhears Chloe proclaim her hatred for Carly. Chad’s mom wants him to stay away from Will’s family. Vivian taunts Carly. Adrienne puts her bar up for sale. Hope and Carly fight over Bo. Sami walks in on EJ and Stefano’s meeting.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Alexis finds Kristina beaten after seeing Kiefer running from the house. Spinelli confirms Maxie’s suspicion that Michael killed Claudia. Sam and Molly find Kiefer clinging to life by the side of the road. Dante and Sonny get into a physical fight. Kiefer’s father demands justice for his son’s accident. Lucky questions Ethan about the dent in his car and later arrests him. Johnny stuns Olivia when he suggests that they move in together. Claire comes up with a new strategy. Lulu and Luke are at odds over her involvement with Dante. Maya impresses Steve. Liz doesn’t want to return to Shadybrook. Diane advises Alexis to make a confession. Claire puts Morgan on the witness stand.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Schuyler becomes desperate when Gigi tries to leave the cabin and pulls a gun on her. Bo risks his life to save Rex. Fish struggles with the thought of being a father. Bo’s life hangs by a thread. Cole is happy that Hannah is seeking counseling with Marty. Roxy vows to stand by Schuyler. Bo survives the surgery but his condition remains critical. Starr confronts Ford. Natalie and Jessica face off. Tragedy strikes. Roxy explains to Rex and Gigi about how Allison switched her babies. Gigi goes against Fish and Kyle for custody of Sierra Rose.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Lauren is cornered by Ryder, Daisy and the mystery woman while Kevin goes searching for Lana. The basement of the GCAC explodes and a body is discovered. Lauren goes missing while Faith and Ashley reconnect. Jana and Lauren realize they are trapped. Lily shares information with Mac. Jack receives unexpected news. Lauren realizes the depth of Ryder and Daisy’s plan. Victor makes a confession. Abby encounters a dangerous situation. Victor saves the life of a former enemy. After catching Chance and Chloe together, Nina faces off with Chloe.
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