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Parenthood Rankings: The Waiting Room

parenthood recap the waiting room

parenthood recap the waiting room

On this week’s Parenthood:
— Zeek’s loose lips revealed that Amber was expecting
— Amber finally told Drew (after he found out from everyone else)
— Drew drove Amber to Wyoming so she could tell Ryan she was pregnant
— Zeek had his surgery
— Julia told Joel she’s seeing someone
— Hank’s daughter is a clepto

Which Braverman was the worst?
— Adam because of his negativity
— Julia because she told Joel about Not Joel
— Not Joel because of his suspenders
— Oliver Rome because he walked out of a show during Zeek’s surgery

Tear count:
— Amber telling Drew he was the hardest person to tell that she’s pregnant
— Zeek not wanting to take off his wedding ring
— Joel finding out that Julia is seeing someone
— Crosby’s motorcycle accident
— Drew not letting Amber stay in Wyoming
— Amber telling Ryan to get his act together on his own
— Zeek’s going to be OK!
— Camille putting Zeek’s ring back on


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