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Survivor Recap: Cutting Off The Head of The Snake

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With Julie quitting last week, Jeremy found himself on borrowed time. With Jon & Jaclyn seeing themselves as the popular kids who got invited to both parties, Jon knew that Jeremy was calling all the shots and he had to go.

However, Jaclyn brought up a brilliant point: Josh was also calling all the shots as well on his alliance. But Jon was dismissive with her statement and was adamant that Jeremy had to go.

Even though Josh found himself on the outside of winning team for the reward challenge, he was back at camp with two key people: Baylor and Jaclyn. Even though there wasn’t a tribal council the last episode, that just gives people three more days to change their minds on aligning with him so he had to do some damage control.

He essentially tried to blackmail Baylor into not voting for him because he did save her from being voted out. However, Baylor wasn’t a fan of his approach and was sticking with Team Jeremy. Then again, does Baylor really wanted to labelled a flipper again? I don’t think so.

With everyone (sans Jon) back at camp, Jaclyn’s eyes (and mine) were opened wide as we saw how rude Wes, Keith and Alex are around camp. Jeremy didn’t like the way they conducted themselves around the women and I think regardless of if women are there or not, they should show some sort of respect to people at camp.

This behaviour made Jaclyn confused because they needed her vote and as far as she was concerned, they had just lost hers. She didn’t care if Jon was going to vote with them, she knew that she was not going to vote however their alliance was going to vote.

At the immunity challenge, it was a game of memory and it came down to Josh and Jeremy, the two guys trying to find themselves in the majority alliance and stay another three days on the island. In the end, Jeremy found himself with the immunity necklace and safe.

But who goes? Honestly, I think Josh is the only option. It should be abundantly clear to everyone that Josh and Jeremy are clearly the top dogs at camp as they are the two people who everyone deems a threat. With Jeremy safe, you needed to get rid of the other guy. Josh was clearly in charge and if he left, his alliance was nothing. But that’s not going to happen.

Geez. Remember when I was just straight trash talking Jeremy about him being not emotionally equipped to win this game? His wife getting voted off was the best thing to happen to his game and now I find myself rooting for him.

Once again, Jon and Jaclyn found themselves as the swing vote. Josh wanted them to vote out Baylor while Jeremy wanted them to get rid of Josh. With Jon back from Exile Island, Jaclyn filled him in on how rude the guys were to her when he wasn’t around and how they don’t even talk to her unless Jon’s around. These guys are straight disrespecting his woman, but Jon could careless and thought it was a stupid mistake to align with Jeremy, the firefighter with two kids. How were they supposed to win over that story? Jon, you’re thinking too far ahead. Plus Jaclyn brought up yet another brilliant point: if you align with Josh, you’re aligning with him, Alex, Reed, Wes and Keith. These are five guys who could easily win an immunity challenge. Do you think they wouldn’t hesitate voting out Jaclyn? They wouldn’t. Align with Jeremy. You both can beat Missy, Baylor and probably Natalie. Why would you want to align with a group of strong competitors, making it harder for yourself to get to the end?

Again, Jon was dismissive of Jaclyn’s extremely valid points and was adamant about aligning with Josh. Either way, whichever way they voted would send a clear message on who’s side they were on. And with Jeremy’s alliance taking a blow with Julie quitting, I don’t see the tables turning for him anytime soon.

At tribal council, Jon & Jaclyn found themselves smack in the middle again with both sides drawing their respective lines in the sand and trying to get them to pick a side. And they did. In a vote of 6-5, Josh was voted out and the first member of the jury. Holy crap. I did not see that happening. I thought Jon & Jaclyn were going to screw this vote up, but Jon came to his senses. Thank. God.

Next week, Reed gets desperate and goes through Keith’s bag (again isn’t this against the rules?) and discovers the clue to the hidden immunity idol and tells everyone. Why the hell would you blow up your own alliance? Jeremy was right, you get rid of Josh and his alliance just completely falls apart.


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