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Soap News: Britt out at GH? Plus: Johnny back? And is Michael dropping the Corinthos? Let’s hope!

brandon barash returning general hospital kelly thiebaud leaving

brandon barash returning general hospital kelly thiebaud leaving

Daytime Confidential confirmed online speculation that General Hospital actress Kelly Thiebaud may be on her way out as Britt as contract negotiations have broken down. Thiebaud joined the ABC sudser in 2012 and was then revealed to be the daughter of villainous duo Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). I’m hoping they manage to keep her around as Thiebaud has been a welcome newcomer to the daytime scene and it would make sense to keep Britt around because of her connection to the evil Dr. O – plus the Britt just did get back together with Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

— Meanwhile, the popular soap blog is also reporting that Brandon Barash will soon be returning to GH as Johnny – leading everyone to speculate who will be joining him in prison… Please, please please let it be Sonny (Maurice Benard)!

michael sonny aj general hospital

— Speaking of which, Michael (Chad Duell) learning the truth about his adoptive father Sonny killing his biological father AJ (Sean Kanan) and how his mother Carly (Laura Wright) help keep this secret at Carly and Franco’s (Roger Howarth) “Hallowedding” was beyond epic. Michael disowning his selfish parents has been THE moment that General Hospital fans have been waiting nearly 16 years for. Could Michael finally drop the Corinthos from his name and take on the Quartermaine surname? Look for Michael to make a surprise announcement to his family on the episode airing on November 18! I was so disappointed when they opted to kill off AJ (again) this past year, but if this Sonny going down – finally – is the payoff, then it might just be worth it.

Steve Burton told Soaps in Depth that he’s sticking around The Young and the Restless for another year: “I’ve re-signed for a year, and I’m very happy.” Burton, who left General Hospital in October 2012 first inked a deal on Y&R a couple of months later and first appeared as Dylan in early 2013. How do you feel about this news Y&R fans? Have you finally warmed up to Dylan and his place on the canvas as Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Paul’s (Doug Davidson) surprise/long-lost son?

— ICYMI: Kim Matula has announced that she’s leaving the role of Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress wrapped her final scenes last week.


the bold and the beautiful amsterdam

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV Two): Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Hope makes it clear to Wyatt that she doesn’t want Quinn in her life. A change is made to the Amsterdam photoshoot. Deacon encourages Quinn to let Wyatt handle things with Hope. Quinn attempts to recruit Bill to assist her in her latest scheme. Hope and Ivy disagree about Liam. Eric is surprised by a visit from Taylor. Hope is jealous of Liam and Ivy’s closeness. Deacon starts to see the similarities between Quinn and Wyatt. Caroline pleads with Rick. Hope learns of Qyatt’s involvement in Liam and Ivy’s romance.

coronation street tracy rob

Coronation Street (CBC/Hulu): Tracy’s furious with both Ken and Carla.
Michelle tries to juggle her work commitments. Michael sets off in the hope of finding his son. Tracy believes that her life’s a disaster. Maria and Luke take out a car for a test drive. Michael arrives home drunk. Tracy disappears. Todd does a good deed. The police have news for Carla. Todd tells Eileen how sorry he is and wants to chane. Tim agrees to run in the school Christmas auction. Yasmeen’s first aid course gets underway. An ambulance is called for Todd. Tim tells Anna that he cannot read. Tracy’s furious with both Ken and Carla.

days of our lives theresa brady

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global): Theresa’s world is turned upside down.
Theresa has shocking news to deliver to Brady. John and Marlena say a sad goodbye. Clyde challenges Jordan to shoot him. Abigail and Ben hae a big argument over Chad’s actions. Theresa sets out to prove to Brady that she’s telling the truth. Hope uncovers unsettling information about Aiden’s past. Rafe and Chad fight. Paul flirts with Jordan and Abigail. Aiden makes a confession to Hope about his past. Someone threatens to expose JJ’s secret. Paige grills Eve about her connection to Daniel. JJ confides in Daniel. Aiden and Hope make big plans for their relationship. JJ makes an angry accusation against Eve. Aiden and Hope make love.

general hospital jason elizabeth

General Hospital (ABC/City): Will Sonny go down for AJ’s murder?
Michael faces a harsh decision – to shoot Sonny or not. Silas and Kiki get Ava to the hospital. “Jake” decides to accept Elizabeth’s proposal to move in. Danny and Sam run into “Jake.” Tracy, Ned and Monica question Larry’s presence. Dante and Nathan end up in a trap. Franco becomes cryptic with Bobbie. Scotty is on top of the world. Carly faces a haunting reality. Franco thinks about his next move. Jordan and Shawn come to a decision about TJ. Nina gets a surprise. Duke and Sonny realize their predicament. Michael turns to Rosalie. An encounter leaves Kiki feelings shocked. Nathan and Liesl question Madeline. Duke seeks legal counsel. Britt and Nikolas receive a surprise visitor. Sony and Carly grieve over the events of the last days. Anna is curious to find Lucy involved with Duke’s problems. Elizabeth tries to elicit a memory from “Jake.”

the young and the restless victoria 2014

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global): Victoria goes into labour.
Colin tries to manipulate Hilary and Devon. Joe and Avery argue and he makes his move. Mariah and Summer take sides. Maureen locks Victoria in a supply room. Sharon’s world continues to fall apart. Michael opens up to Lauren. Grace returns to Genoa City. Victoria contemplates her future and the choices she’s made – she then goes into labour in the supply closet!


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