Soap News: Holiday Previews!

soap christmas spoilers

soap christmas spoilers

With the big headlines taking a break in the soap world (for now, anyway), let’s talk a look at what the soaps have planned over the holidays.

bold and the beautiful christmas 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV Two, CBS): Will Rick assume control of Forrester Creations?

Ivy finds herself caught between a rock and hard place. Rick threatens Ivy’s job, saying that she’ll be handed her walking papers if she doesn’t keep quiet. John helps brighten Pam’s Christmas by giving her his “Best in Show.”

Eric and Rick introduce their long-standing holiday tradition of serving at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to the new additions of their family and friends, including Maya, Carter, Ivy, Aly and Othello.

Wyatt and Quin have a tension-filled talk for the first time since Hope’s tragic accident.

Rick pressures Eric to sign the papers that would seal his takeover of Forrester Creations. Eric is torn when Carter advises him not to sign legal documents. Maya stuns Caroline by turning up during a Forrester meeting.

Deacon attempts to talk Quinn out of continuing to meddle in Wyatt’s efforts to win Hope back. Liam and Ivy spend their first New Year’s Eve together. The new year brings Katie and Bill together in an unexpected, passionate kiss.

Alert: The Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted on Thursday, December 25th. A repeat will air on January 1.

dool christmas 2014

Days of our Lives (Global, NBC): The Horton tradition continues with some returns!

Will and Sonny take Arianna for a visit with Gabi. Nicole looks into Serena. Jen extends Daniel an invitation. Abigail keeps something from Jordan.

Doug and Julie return to Salem for the holidays. Doug is furious with Hope for not telling him about Aiden. Paige is stunned when Kimberly tells her the truth about Shane. Hope urges Doug to accept Aiden. Maggie and Jennifer argue Aiden’s case with Julie. Paul opens up to Will about his lost love. Eve and JJ have sex once again. Lucas comforts Adrienne when she reveals that Justin won’t be coming hope for Christmas.

The Hortons gather for a Christmas Eve celebration. Eric introduces Serena to the rest of his family. Theresa is stung when she spies Brady and Melanie getting closer.

Sonny gets an ornament at the Horton ornament hanging. John returns home in time to reunite with Brady and Marlena. JJ breaks up with Paige. Kayla issues Hope a warning.

gh christmas spoilers

General Hospital (City, ABC): Maxie receives an uplifting gift.

Franco and Nina learn their fates. Kiki tries to make Morgan feel better. Maxie receives some promising news and then has news for Nathan. Carlos issues Jordan a warning. Alexis receives a visitor.

Liesl helps Nathan. Patrick and Sam have a moment while someone walks in on “Jake” and Elizabeth. Maxie and Nathan’s night is challenged. Anna tries to talk Jordan into staying under cover. Elizabeth is asked out. A couple find themselves under the mistletoe.

Patrick and Sam decide to spend New Year’s together. Carly and “Jake” find themselves in a compromising position. Will Maxie and Nathan make it to each other by midnight?

Alert: General Hospital will be pre-empted on Thursday, December 25th and Thursday, January 1.

Y&R christmas spoilers

The Young and the Restless (Global, CBS):Michael and Lauren plan their future.

Faith goes missing. Nick and Sharon continue to argue. Paul organizes the search for Faith. Billy meets “Gabriel.” Jack looks over the paperwork that made him Connor’s guardian. Adam sneaks into Chelsea’s penthouse. Chelsea confronts Sage. Adam discovers shocking information about Victor from Constance: Victor killed Gabriel’s father. Ashley clears the air with Stitch. Dylan and Avery find Faith’s bike. Victoria and Billy reach a new understanding. Victor meets with Tobias.

Family and friends celebrate Christmas. Dylan opens up to Nikki. Neil has a surprise for his family: he’s in a medical program for restoring his vision. Michael and Lauren plan their future. An unexpected event brings out the Christmas spirit in Genoa City. Victor puts his plan in motion. Ashley makes plans for New Year’s Eve. Adam plays hardball with Jack.

Adam makes a move on Chelsea. Kelly’s behaviour troubles Jack. Ashley reconnects with an old friend and finds herself a hot date for New Year’s Eve.


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