Coronation Street Preview: Week of August 13

coronation street spoilers canada week of august 13

coronation street spoilers canada week of august 13

Gemma’s got the pub while Billy is at Josh’s hospital bedside this week on Coronation Street in Canada.

On Monday’s (August 13) double-header: Gemma runs the pub for a day. Jenny urges Johnny not to give up his fight for the factory. Daniel receives shocking news. Carol finds Sean bruised and battered. Sinead takes a test. Carla agrees to help Maria with the salon. The police question Sean.

Tuesday (August 14): Brian looks after Joseph for the day. Aidan’s inquest takes place. Eva takes the stand.

Wednesday (August 15): Gemma’s cocktails prove a huge hit. Brian changes his mind about renting the shop. Steve discovers that Tracy lied about the wedding fair.

Thursday (August 16): Toyah and Leanne prepare to move out of the pub. With Billy at his bedside, Josh regains his consciousness. Shona finds out Summer is at camp.

Friday (August 17): Henry attempts to make amends with Gemma. Rana persuades Imran to accept a party invitation. Tracy and Mary practice their dance moves. Toyah has a plan.

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada during the week of August 20:

  • Toyah goes behind Peter’s back.
  • Claudia and Maria work on the new salon.
  • Sally and Tim host a BBQ.
  • Jude and Angie attend another marriage guidance session.
  • The police interview Sally.

Coronation Street airs weeknights on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC App and online at


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