Coronation Street Preview: Week of September 10

coronation street spoilers week of september 10 2018

coronation street spoilers week of september 10 2018

Coming up on Coronation Street: both Peter and Roy are in danger while Jim returns with stunning news for Liz.

On Monday’s (September 10) double-header: Mary hands out invitations for Jude and Angie’s surprise ceremony. Gemma suspects Liz is lonely. Sean starts back at Underworld. Carla prepares to interview new machinists. Rana seeks Imran’s advice. Carla and Peter review the candidates. Liz orders Gemma not to contact Mike. Kate comes to Simon’s rescue.

Tuesday (September 11): Peter takes Simon to work at the factory. Angie walks in on Imran and Leanne. Fiz and Tyrone prepare No. 13 for Jack’s return.

Wednesday (September 12): Peter turns when a masked Tyler calls his name. Jude refuses to accept Angie’s decision. Michelle accuses Carla of still having feelings for Peter. Simon fears Peter thinks he’s a coward.

Thursday (September 13): The guests gather for the renewal ceremony. Kevin brings Jack home in his wheelchair. Leanne blames Peter for pushing Simon to testify. Sinead sees Carla kissing Daniel on the cheek.

Friday (September 14): Mary accuses Jude of making a fool of her. Simon shows Adam and Leanne his phone. Roy gets stung by a bee and immediately struggles to breathe.

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada during the week of September 17:

  • Fiz comforts Tyrone.
  • Bethany follows Billy.
  • Paula stuns Sophie twice.
  • Jim has some big news for Liz.

Coronation Street airs weeknights on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC App and online at


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