Big Brother Exit Interview: Memphis Garrett

memphis garrett big brother exit interview all stars
memphis garrett big brother exit interview all stars

Memphis Garrett was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother: All Stars house. Before heading to jury, Memphis spoke to us about why he went hard against David and when he had to adjust his strategy.

You went hard on getting David out. Why don’t you think he deserved to be there with everyone else? He found a way to last until jury.

I was going after David because I didn’t know how he played the game. I never watched him play and that was the main reason that I thought he was a wildcard and had to go. As far as if he deserved to be there… I don’t know. Everyone else answer that question for me! He had been in the house for three weeks ever. Everyone else had been in that house for 80 plus days. You can make your own assumptions…Maybe he still didn’t deserve to be there? I don’t know.

What was your strategy going into this game and when did you have to adjust?

My strategy going into the game was basically two parts – the first half of the game and the second half of the game. The first half of the game was the Committee [alliance], an alliance made of “new age” players so that I could survive to the second half. The second half was based off of the “Wise Guy” alliance, that was built and overlapped. That was my plan and I was going to stick with that plan, hoping it would work. Obviously, it didn’t. That was it.

Why don’t you think Cody and Enzo kept you?

I would have kept Cody and Enzo for my final three. They saw it differently. They saw me as a threat and not an ally, so they wanted to take their shot.

Was there someone you wish you could have worked with this season?

When I was putting together the “Committee,” I really wanted to have Bayleigh in the Committee. I really wanted to work with her. I thought she was a really good game player and thought that she had a lot of different angles. I think that her relationship with Da’Vonne was a little too close and that’s why I backed off. Da’Vonne was way too strong of a person for me to control in any type of way.

DO you think your game could have ended differently if you had aligned yourself with OG vets like Janelle and Kaysar?

If I had aligned myself with Janelle and Kaysar, I would have been out the third week. So, no. I was trying to stay as far away from that as possible.

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