Big Brother Exit Interview: Hannah Chaddha

hannah chaddha big brother exit interview
hannah chaddha big brother exit interview

Hannah Chaddha was the second houseguest to be sent to the jury house on September 16th’s 2-hour double eviction episode of Big Brother. We spoke with Hannah about Azah putting her up, which members of the Cookout it was the hardest to stay loyal to and why Big D could be taken to the end.

Do you think that Azah did what she thought was best for her game with your eviction or do you think she didn’t think each scenario through?

I believe that I was always Azah’s target. I think that the guys convinced her to get me out, but what she has failed to realize is that the guys are probably working together and she’s going to be next! So no, I don’t think her using her HOH was an opportunity to send me home was the best thing for her game because I would have actually taken her to the end. I don’t think the guys have the same loyalty towards her.

Which member of the Cookout was the hardest to stay loyal to? Was there someone who was harder to trust before the Final 6?

Yes, there were numerous instances where Kyland would do something that we maybe did not agree on. For example, Sarah Beth was supposed to go in Week 6, we were supposed to send her to jury first, and what does Kyland do? He ends up winning that HOH comp even though he was supposed to throw it so that shot could have been taken against Sarah Beth. So, for that reason, it made me wonder why Kyland was trying so hard to keep Sarah Beth in this game. That did make me question, not his loyalty to the Cookout – I know Kyland was preparing himself and his game in case the Cookout fell through.

And then with Big D [Derek F], he would lie to me and say he didn’t have deals with anyone when I knew he had deals with people, because they would tell me! That made it harder to trust Kyland and Big D. But I still never thought about cutting them before Final 6.

Do you think that Derek F has made big moves or do you think he’s made it this far because he’s easy to beat?

I’d say that Big D has played a good social game. He’s hilarious and entertaining. People just enjoy his presence in the house because he keep things light-hearted and fun. But, I do think that in this game, people are motivated to bring him far because they can beat him in comps and beat him in Final 2. At least, that’s what they figure.

I do think that Big D is being carried to the end, strategically and not because he’s a strong competitor and people want to be sitting amongst the best.

Big Brother airs Wednesday, September 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, September 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and Friday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


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