Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Loveita Adams

big brother canada loveita

big brother canada loveita

After keeping viewers in suspense, Big Brother Canada finally revealed that Kelsey was voted back into the the house while Loveita was sent home on Sunday night’s episode. We chat with Loveita about her week with Kelsey, the three-headed monster inside the house and why Kelsey was voted back instead of her.

It’s one thing to be inside of a house with arranges but being in one room for a week with Kelsey must have been hard. How did you guys cope in such a small space?

Kelsey and I coped really well! We played catch with the oranges. We measured the room with our bodies. We stretched a bit. Jumped from bed to bed. We did lots of things in that tiny room that you’d never expect us to be doing. We definitely entertained each other. I braided her hair… It was good.

Was it easy to make peace with Kelsey? Was she receptive or did it take some time?

You know, the first day we kind of hashed it all out. The next day, we hashed it all out again. We finally came to a place where we both were wrong and realized that it was a complete misunderstanding. After that, everything was good. I know that Kelsey and I will be great friends after the show. I have a newfound love for Kelsey.

Why do you think the house chose to have her back instead of you?

I think the house chose to have her back instead of me because it needed to be a group decision and the people that speak out in that house would be someone like Jared or Raul, who had an outward alliance. Everyone knew they would vote for Kelsey to come back in. Whereas, the people I was working with, our alliance was kept under wraps. They’re not playing an outward game and to comment too much about bringing me back could hinder their game if I didn’t make it back into the house.

Another thing, Kelsey was very social. She did play an excellent social game so I did feel like she had a lot of friendships in the house and not to mention, the entire house pretty much voted me out! I feel like their thoughts were “If we bring Loveita back, she’ll be mad at all of us. So it won’t benefit any of us.” But that wouldn’t be the truth… But those are the reasons why I think Kelsey got voted back instead of me.

Did Kelsey share with you what her strategy would be if she got to go back inside the house?

Kelsey and I actually spent a long time devising a plan for either of us. I know Kelsey’s whole game plan. I can’t wait to see her play it out as the episodes progress but I definitely know what she’s going to do and what her thoughts are. She’s definitely going to have her head in the game completely. She’s going to do well!

Raul has won HOH and now that alliance remains in power. Do you think the rest of the houseguests regret voting Kelsey back in now?

Absolutely! I think that the turn of events in Big Brother always seem to be convenient for whatever the house doesn’t want. Seeing Raul win, who is one of the three-headed monsters, I’m sure someone said “If we brought Loveita back, then I’m sure she would have been on our side or a target for them.” Because this is how they think.

Was it wise to tell Kelsey about your alliance with Mitch? Do you think this will now hurt his game?

It was absolutely wise. I love the game. Twists are there for a reason. This twist was for Kelsey and I to make peace and share information. One of us was going home while the other was going back into the house. I wanted her to be equipped when she went back into that house. I wanted her to know everything. Even some of the things that she didn’t know were some of the reasons why we didn’t agree with each other in the house. It was why we had the distance between us. I was more than excited to share stuff with her. I think if Mitch is a great game player, he will appreciate this move.

What was the most surprising or shocking thing you saw on the feeds?

I think I was most surprised at how often the brothers (Nick and Phil), Mitch and Joel spoke. It made Kelsey and I wonder if they were working together. This was obviously never said to me, but this is just speculation from watching the live feed on our TV. I knew that Mitch and Joel trusted the brothers, but I didn’t know that they spoke so much!

What would it take for the rest of the house to gain control over Raul/Kelsey/Jared? There’s more of them! How come they aren’t taking them out?

Because what the other houseguests don’t have have that the three-headed monster has is trust. Nobody really trusts anybody else. It’s hard to find that bond. People fear taking them out because they know that once they take out one, they know that the other two who are left will be pissed. I feel that it would take people binding together and sticking to their word and not wavering for them to be taken out.

To be quite frank, I don’t think anyone will. I think that Raul, Kelsey and Jared will go far because people will be fear-based. Not to mention that a lot of the house wants to please the three-headed monster because they want to be protected by the three-headed monster. So, a lot of houseguests are fighting that thought of “Do I align with them or do I go against them?” There’s only room for the three-headed monster to align with so many people.

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