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Avery’s Sorry for the ‘Sloppy Seconds’

Sean Avery has issued an apology for his comments regarding ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert:

“It was a bad attempt to build excitement for the game, but I am now acutely aware of how hurtful my actions were,” Avery said in his statement, according to the Sporting News. “I caused unnecessary embarrassment to my peers as well as people I have been close with in the past.

“I apologize for offending the great fans of the NHL, the commissioner, my teammates, my coaching staff and the Dallas Stars management and ownership. As many of you know, I like to mix it up on and off the ice from time to time, but understand that this time I took it too far.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman suspended Avery for six games as punishment and has asked the player to complete anger management counselling before he returns.


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