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Soap Spoilers: Sami gets her baby back on DAYS and more


Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)

This week on Days, Rafe (Galen Gering) finally gets proof this week and finally tells Sami (Alison Sweeney) that Sydney is her daughter. The reveal airs this Wednesday, November 11th in [most of] Canada and Thursday, November 12th in the States.

Justin comes up with a plan to get Carly out of jail while Victor warns Hope that Carly will come between her and Bo. Bo finds out that it was Victor who turned Carly into the police. Hope and Justin grow closer. Mia blames Nicole for ruining her life. Carly finds Mia crying at the pier and comforts her about giving up her daughter. Vivian is out for revenge. Chloe receives devastating news. Arianna finally tells Brady that she’s working for the police. Stephanie and Nathan share a tender moment. Stephanie notices sexual tension between Melanie and Philip as Nathan vows to keep them apart. EJ overhears Stefano put a hit out on Rafe. Nicole takes Sydney to Chloe and asks her to hide her.

All My Children (ABC/A)
Adam’s life is on the line and he actually encounters the devil…who looks a lot like David. Liza admits to a devastated Colby that Adam killed Stuart. Aidan’s up to no good while Kendall decides that it’s time to turn herself in. Ryan shares the truth with Liza while going head to head with Annie, who is getting ready to make a desperate move. Angie reaches her breaking point with Jesse. Frankie finds a very much alive Madison hiding in his apartment. Jake and Amanda are determined to stay together. Fed up with David’s manipulations, Amanda makes a drastic decision.

As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Carly’s conversation with Ben frightens her (it’s about Jack). Mick (Tom Pelphrey) will be involved in Paul and Emily’s quest to become parents…what a waste. Carly, Jack and Mike end up at Greenville Pickens Speedway. Luke’s anger towards Mason over Noah reaches a boiling point and he may just hit him. Hunter has an interesting proposal for Maddie. Katie kicks Henry out after she accuses him of lying to her. Meg threatens Damian. Jack thinks that he needs to find a replacement of Brad for Katie…his choices are Mike and Simon.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Brad and Victoria
Bill and Katie prepare to say “I do”. Steffy invites Bill to the Big Bear cabin to discuss their kiss. Donna and Brooke throw Katie a bachelorette party. Karen arrives for the wedding. Eric and Stephanie re-connect. Donna and Justin share memories of their old neighbourhood…didn’t the Logan girls grow up in the Valley?! Stephen also takes Beth to the old neighbourhood, hoping it will bring back her memory. Eric and Stephanie re-connect. Pam’s moment in the spotlight lands her a new job and an agent. Sandy (Sarah Brown) doesn’t appear serious about her responsibilities involved in being a surrogate for Bridget.

General Hospital (ABC/A)
Jason is disturbed by Michael’s lack of conscience…right. Pot meet Kettle. Carly remains distant from Jax. That whore Elizabeth “hates” that she is lying to Lucky (again) while the retarded Lucky/Elizabeth/Nikolas triangle continues. Lulu is caught between a rock and a hard place…this being Port Charles, it might actually just be a rock and a hard place. Olivia begs Lulu to keep quiet about Dante/Dominic. Jax wants to pin Claudia’s murder on Sonny. Anthony vows revenge against Sonny for what happened to Claudia – yeah because he never tried to kill Claudia himself?! Kristina covers for Kiefer after he Chris Brown’s her. Dante gets the break he needs to take down Sonny. Jason’s stalker (who will end up being James Franco) makes a move.

One Life To Live (ABC/SunTV)
Jared’s  life hangs in the balance while insisting that he’s innocent. Charlie’s past comes back to haunt him. Rex confronts Roxy as he can’t believe who his father is. Things heat up between Oliver and Kyle. Gigi opens up to Schuyler. Natalie, Jessica and Jared run into Mitch Laurence. John and Brody try to save Natalie and Jessica. Bo and Nora race to reach Matthew in time to stop his surgery.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Lily has big news for Neil (“I’m not really black”). Phyllis issues Patty a warning. Chloe tells Chance her true feelings after his stabbing. Ashley sets a secret plan in motion. Adam and Nick battle it out at Newman (Suit vs. Vest). Phillip disappoints Chance. Adam continues to use Sharon against Nick.



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