Soap Spoilers: Steffy gets offended on B&B, Simon’s back on ATWT, Lauren gets a mysterious gift on Y&R and more


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B), Paul Leyden (Simon, ATWT) & Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R) 


All My Children (ABC/A)
Zach, Ryan and Erica team up to conspire against Annie and suggest that Scott got her pregnant, not Adam. Kendall plays right into Aidan’s hand. Ryan finds footage of Annie and Scott’s kiss and show’s it to Adam. Adam sets a trap for Annie and Scott. Zach grows suspicious of Aidan. David manipulates Amanda. Ryan thinks about Greenlee. Amanda comes clean to Jake. Tad manages to track down Aidan and Kendall. James claims that Madison is schizophrenic. JR wants nothing to do with Adam when he attempts to mend fences. 

As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Damian stops Luke and Mason’s fight. Dusty is there for both Janet and Liberty when they can’t cope without Brad. Jack heads to New York to find Simon, but finds Molly instead. Rosanna makes a Craig a proposal and he accepts. Lily and Damian help Noah after he has a hard time dealing with his injuries. Maddie is ready to take the next step with Casey. Jack and Molly find themselves in danger. Katie hires a psychic. Henry’s served a restraining order. Meg threatens Damian. Brad has no luck with Katie. Jack and Carly later find Simon in Pittsburgh.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Eric is uneasy that Bill and Katie’s wedding reception is taking place in his home. Stephanie confides in Taylor and tells her that she still cares for Taylor. Later, Stephanie gets a call from Ann. Bridget and Nick continue with the surrogacy while Sandy becomes hesitant and distant. Whip runs into a woman from his past. Nick becomes suspicious of Sandy. Stephanie and Pam try to get Ann to stay in Los Angeles. Ridge and Steffy work together. Pam goes against Stephanie and Ann. Brooke offends Steffy.

Days Of Our Lives (NBC/Global)
Sami confronts Nicole who denies everything. Bo receives a surprising phone call about Lawrence. Vivian returns to town. Brady questions Victor about Salem’s drug trade. Chloe tells Mia the truth about Sydney. Vivian decides that Sami is reunited with her daughter. Carly must pay for her sins in Salem. Carly pushes for Bo and Hope to reconcile. Nicole is sent to jail while EJ and Sami argue about who will take care of Sydney. Bo catches Hope and Justin together. Nicole tries to reach out to Chloe. Adrienne sends Justin divorce papers. EJ realizes that Stefano put out a hit on Rafe. Mia confronts Nicole in jail. Troy tells Arianna that there’s a new drug boss. Melanie admits to Nathan that she can’t choose between him and Philip. Arianna and Rafe’s younger sister, Gabi, comes to town. Caroline crushes Victor’s hope for the future. Melanie kisses Philip. Brady is there for Nicole. EJ realizes that his father knew about the baby switch.

General Hospital (ABC/A)
Lucky thinks Maxie is keeping a secret. Lulu panics when she finds out that Luke is doing business for Sonny. Elizabeth begs Luke not to tell Lucky about her and Nikolas. Olivia worries that everyone’s secrets are about to be exposed. Johnny learns the truth about Dominic/Dante. Nikolas tells Rebecca the truth. Jason confides in Carly. Dominic/Dante shows Olivia a photo of Claudia’s body. Elizabeth tries to come clean to Lucky. Jason’s stalker makes a move. Jason and Sonny walk into a trap. James Franco first appears as ‘Franco’ on Friday, November 20th.

One Life To Live (ABC/SunTV)
Natalie’s world is shattered. Rex corners Roxy after he learns the truth. Blair keeps Todd from professing his feelings to Tea. Charlie takes the blame. Nora and Bo feel guilty about Matthew. Tea makes a confession to Ross. Natalie takes it out on John. Mitch is confident that Natalie will never forgive John. Mitch gets a mysterious visitor. Jessica demands answers from her father. Jessica confronts Mitch in jail. Dorian learns that David is staying in London. Todd learns that Danielle is Tea’s daughter. 

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Lauren receives a mysterious gift at Amber and Danielle’s wedding. Kevin accepts a job offer. Billy realizes what he’s lost. Jack has an offer for Nick. Adam tries to stop Faith and Sharon from bonding. Kay becomes suspicious about Jill. Phyllis learns a shocking truth from Patty. Neil turns Jack down while Katherine refuses to be taken in by his charm. Ashley schemes behind Jack’s back. Mac is torn between being with Billy and helping Lily and Cane. Phillip tells everyone that he needs to go back to Australia in order to protect Cane. Nick turns his back on Jack. Emily is tricked. Chloe makes a discovery. 


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