Soap Spoilers: Phyllis and Ashley confront Adam on Y&R, Carly shoots Melanie then tells her she’s her mother on DAYS and Steffy blackmails Bill on B&B


For the week of February 15th, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
David blackmails Angie while Ryan suggests to Greenlee that they get married. Tad, Ryan and Jake plot to get rid of David. JR’s condition takes a turn for the worse. Colby plays mind games with Annie. Annie tells Scott she’s shaken by the recent turn of events. Greenlee and Erica face off at Fusion. Tad and Jake get evidence that could destroy Angie. Greenlee passes out in Ryan’s arms. Erica holds David captive.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Margo attempts to save some of the hostages. Casey struggles with the truth about Alison and Mick. Jack and Carly share a kiss. Liberty gets bad news. Paul debates pulling the plug on Mick. Dusty calls Janet’s father. Parker sees Carly and Jack together. Lily’s suspicions turn on Molly. Carly uncovers the truth about Janet and Dusty. Paul rids himself of James’ money, leaving it all to Henry. Henry sticks up for Barbara.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/A during the Olympics)
Steffy takes a souvenir from her evening with Bill and later issues him a list of her demands in exchange for her silence about their night together. Katie schemes to fire Steffy. Taylor tells Ridge about her new relationship with Whip. Steffy assures Eric that she’ll get the company back. Stephanie and Taylor interrupt the Logan whores during a photo shoot and tell them what they really think about the new campaign. Bill presents Steffy with a new offer. Steffy calls for a secret meeting with certain family members.
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* Reminder that B&B will air on ‘A’ instead of CTV due to the Olympics. Airing at 12pm instead of 1:30pm.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Bo finds Hope unconscious. Stephanie and Nathan leave on a romantic getaway. Will gives Mia a special gift. Anna is surprised by EJ’s rage. Vivan takes Melanie up to the roof of the Kiriakis mansion where she tries to kill her. Carly tries to save Melanie from Vivian but ends up shooting Melanie instead. Daniel comforts Chloe. Hope mistakes Justin for Bo. Rafe tells Sami about his discovery. Kate and Lucas discuss Vivian. Carly and Vivian are arrested. Philip isn’t sure whose story to believe. Vivian faces off with Bo. EJ plans to fake Sydney’s death. Carly tells Melanie that she’s her mother.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
After being rescued by Lucky, Elizabeth finds out that she’s pregnant. Molly and Kristina catch Alexis and Mac sharing a kiss. Lulu refuses to help Sonny connect with Dante. Helena pushes Elizabeth over the edge. Lucky and Nikolas convince Elizabeth to check in at Shadybrook. Dante and Olivia are forced to testify against Sonny. Nikolas tells Lucky that he will be proposing to Elizabeth. Carly visits Dante in order to help Sonny. Johnny strikes against Sonny. Lucky and Maxie get into an accident.
* During the Olympics, ‘A’ will air General Hospital at 2pm instead of 3pm (CTV’s Dr. Phil will air at 3pm n ‘A’). GH returns to 3pm on ‘A’ on March 1st.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Rex and Schuyler recuse Gigi from the ice. Langston can’t stop thinking about Ford. Viki vents her anger towards Dorian. Rex tries to save Stacy. David and Kelly try to obtain Emile’s credit card in order to find Adriana. Natalie tries to reunite John and Marty. Rex tells Kim that Stacy drowned. Jessica doesn’t recognize Brody. Kyle wonders if Fish wants to know Sierra Rose’s paternity. Kim tells Rex that he treated Stacy badly when she was alive. Marty makes a surprising diagnosis concerning Jessica: that she can’t remember anything past 1997.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Patty gets her dream wedding when she marries Jack as Emily. Phyllis confronts Adam and tells Ashley about Dr. Taylor’s past as a molester and suggests that Adam and Dr. Taylor had a relationship. Sharon fights back when Phyllis pays Adam a visit. Jana gets closer to the truth about Daisy and Ryder. Nina tries to help Paul forget his troubles. Ashley also confronts Adam. Neil tells Ashley that his feelings for her are real. Malcolm asks Lily to work with him at Restless Style. Traci talks to Victor about ruining Colleen’s gift. Someone starts digging into Tucker’s past. Jack gets news that forces him to change his plans. Adam takes on Victor and Nick. Jana is held captive. Ashley finds the purple fabric.
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