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Meet Big Brother Canada’s Bayleigh Pelham

bayleigh pelham big brother canada season 12

Big Brother Canada returns for its 12th season on Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global and STACKTV. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with contestant Bayleigh Pelham before entering the house. Check out what Bayleigh had to say below!

What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from and what is your occupation?

My name is Bayleigh. I’m 34 and I’m from Halifax but now live in Toronto where I’m a personal trainer and a bartender.

How familiar are you with Big Brother? When did you start watching?

I’ve been a fan of Big Brother since the very first U.S. season, so I would say that I’m pretty much a super fan of the show.

What made you want to try out for BBCAN? Was this your first time trying out?

This is not my first time trying out! I started auditioning since season one! I’ve auditioned a few times, and I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

I’ve always played sports and have been in competitions, but this is a [new] level of social game, physical game, and a mental game – which are all things that excite me and bring me joy.

I’ve also studied psychology, I’m really into the human experience as well. I’m also a social person.

And of course, money is on the line! So, I’ll never shy away from that.

What life experiences do you think will benefit you in the BBCAN house?

I think the fact that I grew up playing sports will have a very big impact on how I play the game and how I build alliances.

Being a team player and just having that drive to win is just ingrained in me.

Every job that I’ve had has been very social. Including the two jobs that I do now, personal training and bartending. I’m interacting with a lot of different people all the time and trying to figure out what motivates them and how to get them to their goals, which I guess we kind of come into how to manipulate people as well.

Would you be open for a showmance?

No. I’m happily in a relationship. So, a showmance is off the table!

What types of fellow houseguests would you see yourself aligning with?

I think I would align myself with someone that strong – mentally and physically. Someone who is a bit more patient than I am! I need the yin to my yang! Someone who is maybe more calm, and has less of a temper than me, but someone who I can essentially trust and confide in and feel safe to be vulnerable around.

What type of people do you have trouble getting along with?

I would say that I have a problem getting along with people who are not genuinely coming off as themselves, people that I can’t get a good read on or people that I think are coming off as inauthentic.

Those people have a hard time building a connection with me, and without me having a connection with someone, it’s hard for me to trust them or understand their movies.

So yeah, I think people that I can see are not being true to themselves.

Do you have a favourite player from BBCAN or BB U.S.?

Oh, my gosh! I have a few different players for different reasons. From Big Brother U.S., my top favourites will probably be Evil Dick, and then Jeff and Jordan – I like both of them, just like I like evil geniuses!

Kevin Jacobs [from Big Brother Canada] is one of my favourites as well! Ika Wong, who is also iconic! I like people who stand out and who are not afraid to be who they are – whatever that is.

So, when they show up as themselves, whether that is an evil genius or a pure and genuine person. I think someone being themselves is the most powerful [type of] player that they can be. I look up to those people!

Big Brother Canada Season 12 premieres Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global and STACKTV.


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