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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Elijah Kazlauskas

elijah kazlauskas big brother canada exit interview season 12

Elijah Kazlauskas, the 31-year-old ESL teacher from North Bay, Ontario, was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother Canada – and the first member of its season 12 jury! We caught up with Elijah following his eviction on why he thought the house voted to keep Avery, who he’d be surprised to see join him in jury next, and his favourite memory from inside the house.

Why do you think the house ultimately decided to keep Avery instead?

Well, Victoria wanted to save Avery and Spicy Vee is pretty much running things! I feel like for the people who wanted Avery out, my eviction was kind of a compromise. So, I think that’s how that played out.

Why do you think your houseguests felt you were the better option?

Oh, I mean, there was a lot of drama about Kayla and Avery going up. I think some people kind of realized that their shot wasn’t going to connect, so I think they figured that getting me out instead of Avery, would be damage control. They didn’t think they’d have the votes anyway. So, I think it played out like that.

Avery and Kayla were put on the block for a reason. Do you think those moves — although unsuccessful in evictions — changed the dynamics in the house?

Oh yeah, for sure. Todd and I were talking about it, and it was like the Matt vote.

Victoria, Bayleigh, Kayla, Avery, Todd and I were on one side and then Anthony, Tola and Lexus were on the other. Todd felt that doing that swing [with his vote] would have jeopardized the spot that he was in. He kind of did want to swing, and I understand why he did. It just didn’t connect for him!

He probably figured “Hey, you’ve got the opportunity to take a shot!” Right?

As a member of the jury, what qualities are you looking for in terms of crowning a winner?

The way that I see it, the game has competition gameplay, strategic gameplay, and social gameplay, as well as positioning and control. So, I’m going to be looking to get as many of those things and who did them as well as possible.

I’m going to try to see who played the best game possible, considering all those facts.

Who do you hope joins you in jury next?

I’m rooting for everyone! I’m not rooting against anyone.

The way I see it, Spicy Vee is running everything, so if she came next, my mind would be blown! That would mean that the week was totally wild, and next-level TV!

Honestly, I am rooting for her, and she deserves to win.

What was your favourite memory from your time inside the Big Brother Canada house?

Oh, it’s tough. It’s probably a tie between seeing my mom at Wendy’s and getting “Riggity Wrecked” with the houseguests. We finally got to have a good party night!

Big Brother Canada airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. EP/MT, Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EP/8MT, and Sundays at 9 p.m. EP/10MT on Global.


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