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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Kayla Clennon

kayla clennon big brother canada exit interview season 12

Kayla Clennon, the 26-year-old Volleyball Coach from Stouffville, Ontario, was the second houseguest to join the Season 12 jury on Big Brother Canada. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with Kayla following her eviction to discuss which members of Hot Chocolate turned on her and influenced others, and who holds all the power in the house.

You “died” for Hot Chocolate. Who do you think turned on you first and then influenced the others?

Oh, I think somewhere between Anthony and Lexus. I’m not sure who exactly had the first thought, but I think for different reasons.

I think my vocalizing Elijah’s comment to Anthony raised a red flag for him, as well as the [discussion about] backdooring Bayleigh, sketched Lexus out a lot.

I don’t know who had the initial thought, but one of those two definitely spoke to the other, and this happened.

Did the house let you know how the votes would fall ahead of the eviction?

No. Nobody had to say anything but I knew because people kept saying, “You know, we’re going to be like this,” or “everything ’is going to be better on the outside.”

With Bayleigh and Todd, I knew that I wasn’t going to have their vote. I also knew with Anthony and Lexus. The fact that this all kind of happened because they said something, I knew I wasn’t going to have their votes.

I think that Avery and Victoria just knew that even if they wanted to keep me, which I really do think they did want to, that they didn’t have the votes to do so. I think that too much damage had already been done.

Who do you now trust the least in Hot Chocolate?

I’ve got to say it’s a split tie between Anthony and Lexus. I don’t know who had more of a doubt about me. I think that Lexus prioritized her own game over me and was more willing to put mine at risk. I think that Anthony prioritized Victoria a lot more than I probably anticipated he would.

Who do you think holds all the power in the house?

Anthony, 1,000%! I think he’s got a foot in everybody’s door. He’s got a say in everything that has been happening in the past few weeks.

Who do you hope joins you next in jury?

For the sake of Hot Chocolate, because I’m still sitting in this jury house and still riding for Hot Chocolate, I hope that it is Todd or Tola.

I also don’t want it to be Bayleigh because I think she’s playing a really good game as well. And I respected how our last conversation went.

However, if it is one of Hot Chocolate that comes in here, I’ll tell them, “I told you! You should have kept me in the game!”

What are you the most excited to discuss with Elijah in jury?

I think that it’s the idea of just being about to talk about Hot Chocolate with somebody who is not in Hot Chocolate! It would be so fun to see his reaction. I’d love that!

It was such a big secret and obviously a lot of people now know that I can’t really keep a secret well! That was one hard secret that I had to keep. But now I get to talk about it! That’s cool to me.

As a member of the jury, what qualities are you looking for in terms of crowning a winner?

Honesty. I think that because in this game, you can’t be 1,000% honest.

What I mean about honesty, it’s if your answers are going to relate to how you actually acted in the game, or if you’re just telling me what I want to hear. I think that’s what I mean about honesty. It’s not so much as blowing up a little bit of game that you might have in the “Final Two,” but does it coincide with who I actually know you to be inside that house?

What was your favourite memory from your time inside the Big Brother Canada house?

I think that it was me winning that first POV challenge. That was a such big milestone for me! It was my first win. It put me on the board.

I don’t think people saw me as a huge threat because of it, but that it added to my resume and it showed to my alliance that I could compete and contribute to the success of our group.

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