Pretty Little Liars Recap: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream “Saboteur!”

pretty little liars scream for me recap

pretty little liars scream for me recap

YAY! Toby got a haircut. But not because of the fan outcry for his 90s hair to go, but because he enrolled in the Harrisburg Police Academy. Yes, ladies and gents, Toby was going to join the boys in blue. I’m just hoping his time at Police Academy is nothing like this:

Police Academy

As for Hannah, she was drinking her sorrows away. She was desperately trying to get Alison out of her life, but seeing that she babbled about being in New York, she’s kind of stuck with Alison taking up residency in her house, wearing her pyjamas and sleeping in her bed. Poor girl, but taking to the sauce is not the way.

Swim fan Sydney was doing her best in sinking her hooks into Emily. She got the team to vote Emily as the new assistant coach for the swim team. However, he Vader-like grip on Emily might be loosening when she said that Emily was in New York. OK Emily, this is the time that you realize that Sydney is up to no good.

Now back to drunk Hanna, while getting a tuna melt at Zack’s, he made a pass at her. When she went to confide in Spencer and Emily, they just thought that she may have read into the situation because she was buzzed. Poor Hanna. No one believed her that Zack was a skeezeball. Hey Spencer, remember when you were in your drugged off haze and no one believed you when you told them Fitz might be A? One would think you would be a little more sympathetic.

I think it’s kind of weird that Zack became of predator out of the blue. He seemed to nice and genuine with Ella. It’s just too random that all of a sudden, he’s back in town with his engagement party and trying to get into Hanna’s pants. I know PLL isn’t one for character development (especially when it comes to their recurring characters), but this story arc was too much of a leap.

Alison was doing her best to get everyone to fall in line with her story. While crashing at Hanna’s, she told Ashley that she believed there was someone outside her window trying to get in and hurt her. I can smell the BS from here. I’ve been saying in all my reviews for this season. Alison is up to no good. We all know that her story was a lie, but the fact that she’s so adamant about getting everyone to believe the lie and for the girls to keep selling the lie was just too much. She was working way to hard to keep up the facade and extremely pissed when her house cards started to shake when the police started to poke at it. Give it up Alison, I know you’re A.

Whoa, Ashely got a glimpse of black hoodie in her kitchen. More proof that Alison was pulling the strings and getting everyone to fall in line. A has never been sloppy enough to let the parents see them. I’m 100 percent sure that this was all a ruse to get Ashley on her side, defending her to the cops so that they will stop looking into Alison’s shame of a story and Shauna’s death.

And it looks like I was right. Alison admitted to Emily and Spencer that it was Noel Khan who broke into Hanna’s house to scare Ashley. She needed an adult on her side to back up her story of being in danger from the person who may have killed her mother in order to get the police to stop looking into her disappearance.

Come on Emily and Spencer. You need to wake up and realize that Alison isn’t what she seems to be!


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