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I had an amazing time in New York City last week but when it came to season and series finales, it was probably the worst week to go away.

Luckily, I managed to catch the season finales of Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock last Thursday. (I was busy walking all the way back to our Midtown hotel all the way from SoHo during Community). I still can’t believe we’ll have to wait for midseason for the new season of Parks & Rec. As for The Office, I’m glad we got to see more of the madness that is Dwight and Angela’s baby-making deal but I wish they could have done more for Andy and Erin. As for 30 Rock, I seriously hope this is the LAST time we ever see Wesley Snipes (no, not the actor) ever again.

The Lost finale was huge in NYC…ABC aired it on their large screen in Times Square with subtitles. People actually stood there for almost 3 hours.

I did catch Breaking Bad on AMC around 1am. Amazed that the full hour was spent on Walt and Jesse trying to kill that stupid fly. Great symbolic episode.

During my last trip to New York, I got to attend a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and even participated in a skit (I played one of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 kids). This year, I didn’t have that much time to actually sit in for a full episode, so I attended a rehearsal of this past Monday’s monologue. It was interesting to see the process of how Jimmy and the writers test out different jokes and then see which ones make it to air. Jimmy’s ultimately much more laid back during the rehearsal and interacts well with the audience.

Because of actual vacation plans on Monday night, I missed out on the Chuck season finale and 24 series finale, so I did my best to stay away from all communication devices – not only until I got home Tuesday night, but after I watched 24. I was really worried that 24 would end with a cliffhanger, therefore forcing us to wait until a movie is made. Happy that it wasn’t the case. Instead, we were given a satisfying end to what I think was a rocky season. It ended like an season finale, rather than a series. There was no cheap gimmick. Jack and Chloe are both still alive and I’m relieved. Jack and Chloe’s goodbye scenes (goodbye for now, that is) were amazingly done and it was interesting to see the clock count downwards to the series concluding ‘0:00:00’ instead of up to ‘4:00:00’.

Here are some videos…the first is Kiefer Sutherland thanking the fans for the great 8 seasons. The next one is footage from the finale wrap while the last one is the extended clip of Jack’s message to Kim.



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