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Soap Spoilers: Daniel is warned about Abby on Y&R, Liz’s baby goes missing on GH and Fiona’s boyfriend is abusive on Degrassi

Damon loses it with Colby in the park. JR comes to Annie’s rescue. Annie tells Scott she wants to get married. Madison reveals to Frankie that she is in love with Ryan. Tad, Jake and Krystal gear up for Damon’s adoption celebration. Liza finds Damon stealing from Krystal’s bar. David assures Greenlee that he will fight for her. Ryan feels a terrible head pain and passes out. Liza confesses something to Tad. Caleb learns that he was tricked and looks for revenge. Natalia tells Jesse some information about Erica’s crash. Caleb and JR nearly come to blows. Scott proposes to Annie.
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Vienna goes into hiding. Will and Gwen are shocked by what they find in Barbara’s room. Iris wants to spend time with Hallie. Henry accuses Vienna of kidnapping Barbara. Casey refuses to help Vienna. Carly is horrified to learn about Craig and Lily. Iris agrees to leave town. Lily tells Lucinda that she closed the deal. Jack and Dusty work together to discover why Blackthorn is in town. Molly and Holden discuss their relationship. Lucy returns to town. Carly catches Lily and Craig kissing. The day of Molly’s bridal shower arrives. Parker and Faith become passionate in the woods. Sierra returns to Oakdale to have it out with her mother.

Brooke tells Ridge about Steffy’s blackmail. Ridge confronts Oliver and demands that he stay away from Brooke. Hope tells Olvier and Brooke that she has decided not to move to Boston. Brooke is confused about Hope’s sudden change of heart. Ridge reprimands Steffy for blackmailing Brooke and Oliver. Nick and Aggie spend the evening together. Ridge assures Brooke that her secret will remain quiet. Oliver is sensitive to Steffy’s feelings about her father. The new intern, Liam stumbles upon incriminating evidence. Nick and Aggie give into their feelings for each other. Hope tells Steffy that she’s no longer moving to Boston. Liam (Scott Clifton) feels guilty about what he’s uncovered. Justin puts his deceitful plan in motion. Amber and Rick come face to (new) face for the first time in years. Members of the media gather at Forrester Creations for a video tribute to Brooke that Steffy has created. Justin invites Liam to the press conference. Steffy is unaware of the tampering that went on with the video.
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Melanie wants to throw Chloe a baby shower. Kate urges Chad to speak to his father. Bo tells Hope that he thinks something is different about her. Hope puts sleeping pills in Bo’s coffee. Stephanie and Nathan plan to move in together. Arianna tells EJ that she trusts him. Bo passes out before he can react to Nighttime Hope. Sami tells Rafe that she’s staying at the DiMera mansion for good. Nicole worries that Brady is still in love with Arianna. Stefano reaches out to Chad. Victor pays Maggie a late-night visit. Daniel finds Bo. Chloe thinks about telling the truth. Sami accuses Rafe of being jealous. Sami tells EJ that she trusts him. Rafe breaks into Nicole’s apartment. Vivian interferes in Maggie and Victor’s relationship. Roman and Bo speculate on the identity of Bo’s assailant. Rafe finds Nicole’s coded diary. Will apologizes to Chad. Stephanie finds out that Nathan is holding on to a photo of Melanie.
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Sav decides to run against Holly J for Student Body President. Fiona has a new outlook on life after spending her vacation in the Hamptons and returns with a new boyfriend named Bobby who anger issues. Fiona can’t take it in New York anymore. Holly J and Sav go at it during the debate. Holly J has to decide if she’s willing to risk friendships in order to get into Yale. Sav has to deal with Anya’s pregnancy and how to tell his parents.
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Jason and Dante set out for Los Angeles to find Franco. The hospital is subjected to Warren’s wrath. Liz’s baby is born. The number 66 on Liz’s baby hospital ID bracelet may foretell trouble. Shirley is the one who notices. Liz’s baby goes missing. Maxie tells Matt that she has made her choice. Michael gets into a fight on the first day of community service. Liz, Lucky and Nikolas suspect that Helena has taken the baby. The hospital goes into lockdown. Brook Lynn makes a play for Johnny. Suspicions turn to Franco when the hospital receives a mysterious message. Helena tries to defend herself. Warren wanders around the hospital with a gun. Jonny is not over Olivia. Shirley passes away. Things get violent (shocker). Jax charms the Contessa so that Skye can get access to Alcazar’s money. Liz and Nikolas find out who took the baby.
* The show will move to Citytv in Canada this fall.

Dorian interrupts David and Viki. Charlie admits to Viki that their plan isn’t going as planned. Layla’s mother torches Evangeline’s living will. The Buchanan girls are taken to the ER. Jessica and Natalie are told they are pregnant and both decide not to reveal the truth. Starr and Langston repair their friendship. Layla is the key to what will happen to Evangeline. Ford learns information regarding Jessica’s past illness with hepatitis and decides to get himself tested. Gigi decides to go back to college. Natalie and Jessica find out the results of their tests from one another. Dani goes to Greg to discuss her mother’s illness and opens up about her fears. Ford and James learn that their medical bills have been paid. Brody and John bond. Natalie tells Gigi that she wants an abortion. David looks to have it out with Dorian. Blair is taken back when she attempts to surprise Eli.

Phyllis tells Daniel to stay away from Abby. Jill’s actions surprise Lauren. A mysterious woman comes to Genoa City. Victor is accused by Ashley and Tucker. Abby learns how much power she has. Sofia an Malcolm receive an offer from Tucker. Christine tries to hide the truth. A mysterious call is made. Chance gets busted. Abby turns to Jack for help. Adam’s freedom is in peril. Chloe supports Chan
ce. Christine has a secret.
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