Soap Spoilers: Victor returns to Y&R, Lucky walks in on Liz and Nik on GH and Bo and Carly have sex on DAYS


All My Children (ABC/A)
Ryan and Annie learn Emma’s fate. Greenlee faces a crisis during surgery. David makes Amanda feel guilty. Randi isn’t happy when when Madison gets a job a Fusion. Amanda decides to have a DNA test done on Trevor. Annie tells Scott nothing will ever happen between them. Greenlee worres that she’ll never be able to walk again. Madison catches Erica and Ryan. Colby wonders if Annie tried to kill Adam. Opal tries to out Ryan and Eric. Angie is confused by the DNA results. Greenlee wonders if she should contact Ryan.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Holden is happy to hear that Lily isn’t pregnant while Lily doesn’t like the idea of Holden and Molly dating…which leads her to realize that she’s not over Holden. Damien plays more mind games with Meg. Jack and Carly continue to grow closer and even share a kiss. Liberty tells Parker that she has leukemia. Dusty comforts Janet. Katie tells Simon that she’s not over Brad yet and Simon tells her that he is happy to wait for her. Clarissa asks Simon to pull a scam. Margo and Henry convince Katie not to leave Oakdale. When Emily is injured, Susan blames Paul and Alison. Simon and Katie say goodbye.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Steffy is upset to learn that Hope will be working as an intern at Forrester. Sandy puts Nick in an awkward position with Bridget. Katie is upset after she sees Steffy and Bill together and vows revenge. Ridge finds out from Stephanie that Taylor has moved on. Katie pits Hope and Steffy against each other. Sandy makes an emotional confession to Whip regarding his part in the assault.
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Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)

Bo and Carly have sex. Arianna gives Melanie a gift. Vivian tries to make peace with Philip. Hope asks for Bo’s help. Lucas apologizes to Maggie. Melanie and Nathan kiss. Carly and Hope argue. Maggie and Mia bond. Anna learns that it’s time for the next step. Vivian suspects that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Gabi gives Chad another chance after he helps her out. Victor finds out about Bo and Carly.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)

Dominic rushes to Lulu’s rescue. Elizabeth asks Nikolas not to leave town. Jason realizes that he’s been played by Franco. Sonny tells Jason and Carly that they need to protect Michael by sticking together. Lucky confronts Nikolas about his feelings for Elizabeth. Johnny wants Sonny to pay for what happened to Claudia. Lucky struggles with his anger. Michael is haunted by memories of Claudia. Lucky walks Nikolas and Elizabeth in bed together.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)

Bo, John and Brody work together to bring Mitch down. Starr and Cole make a move. Clint upsets Nora with his divorce demands. Tea and Ross tell Danielle that Todd is really her biological father. David confronts Kim. Todd doesn’t want Starr and Cole living together. Gigi is worried that Mitch will go after Shane. Langston gets an eyeful. Blair refuses to forgive Dorian. Kyle discovers what Schuyler and Stacy have been hiding.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)

Phyllis warns Daniel not to help Amber find her “son.” Adam saves Noah and Eden from the fire. Daisey shares a socking secret with Ryder. Jill tries to get Jo-Jo’s DNA. Ashley invites Adam and Sharon to move to the ranch. Jill and Tucker make an offer to Cane. Dr. Taylor returns to Genoa City and confronts Adam. Billy starts to dig into Adam’s past. Tucker and Jo-Jo are connected. Victor returns to town. Katherine discovers Tucker’s true motives.
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