Soap Spoilers: Amber gets a paternity test on B&B, EJ and Nicole hook up on DAYS and Chloe finds out that Chance is alive on Y&R


Soap spoilers for the week of Monday, February 7, 2011:

Kendall’s life hangs in the balance. Annie covers up the truth. Colby struggles to send a message for help before Annie returns to the cottage. David is certain that his freedom is right around the corner. Jackson is upset with Erica when he learns about the meeting that she set up for David. Cara admits to Jake that she still loves him. Tad becomes protective of Liza when David offers to buy her a drink. Griffin questions Ricky’s intentions. Asher tells JR that Annie is holding Colby hostage at the cabin. JR is arrested. Annie and Marissa’s confrontation takes a dangerous turn. Greenlee lets it slip to Ryan that Madison is pregnant.
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* On Friday, AMC will re-air Jack and Erica’s 2005 wedding.

Stephanie brings family, cancer patients and survivors, including actress Kathryn Joosten (Desperate Housewives), to Nick’s intervention. Bill and Brooke discuss Liam and Hope’s burgeoning relationship. Amber is confronted and asked to take a pregnancy test. Amber is faced with a furious Bill after Liam tells his father about Amber’s pregnancy. Thomas and Stephanie talk about how they see Brooke differently. Tawny and Carl try to get to the hospital to save Amber. Thomas becomes enamored with his grandfather’s new friend. Hope, Brooke, Bill, Liam, Tawny and Amber anxiously wait for the paternity tests.
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EJ shocks Nicole by taking off her tracking bracelet. Bo and Hope share an emotional reunion with their daughter. Gabbi worries about her brother’s behaviour. Carly and Jennifer make a promise to each other. EJ and Nicole get intimate. Sami thinks that there is something strange about Rafe. Kate refuses to give up on her plan. Jennifer and Nathan discuss his love for Melanie. Taylor visits Nicole. Jennifer and Daniel grow closer. Melanie opens up to Philip. Brady persuades Taylor to stay in Salem. Kate informs Victor that she’s moving back in with Stefano. Philip promises to support Chloe and Parker. Stefano threatens to send Allie away if Rafe doesn’t follow his orders. Brady reveals that he now owns Titan. Chloe leaves Parker home alone. Bo and Hope receive wonderful news. Nicole tells Taylor to steer clear of Sami.
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Lucky warns Jason about Siobhan. Sam plans to prove Maxie wrong about being pregnant. Maxie pushes Lulu and Dante back together. Brenda accuses Carly of trashing her wedding dress. Sonny tells Michael that he loves him no matter what happened in Pentonville. Nikolas and Brook Lynn run into Liz and Steve at Jake’s. Michael pleads with Dante to change his mind about quitting the PCPD. Jason comes across Sam with a pregnancy test. Lulu has a surprise for Dante for Valentine’s Day. Maxie receives a gift from Matt. Steve and Olivia share a kiss.
* On Friday, GH will re-air Robin and Patrick’s wedding.

Pete helps John get his thoughts together. Cutter and Aubrey work together to fix their problem. Vimal makes a shocking announcement. Starr tells Cole that their relationship is over. Jessica learns that Ford is the father of her baby. Clint exposes Aubrey and Cutter. John walks away from Natalie. Starr believes that James has moved on with Michelle.
* On Friday, OLTL will re-air Todd and Blair’s 1995 wedding (yes, with Roger Howarth’s Todd).

Jill has a reunion with Chance and later finds out that Katherine knew he was alive before she did. Jana confronts Chloe. Paul and Nina are surprised to see Nate. Jack and Phyllis help Sharon. Adam launches a new scheme. Jack and Phyllis search for clues in Hawaii. Nick checks up on Victor.Lily struggles with Cane’s death. Ronan is missing. Malcolm is unable to forgive Sofia. Chloe finds out that Chance is alive. Phyllis finds evidence against Victor. Nikki and Deacon go public with their relationship. Kay and Gloria help Kevin and Chloe.
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