Cooler Talk: Gossip Girl’s quick family reunion, ABC comedies and photos of Heather Locklear’s return to Melrose Place


— A lot happened with Lily/Rufus (or “Lufus”) this week on Gossip Girl…I guess they had to speed things up after Kelly Rutherford‘s maternity leave in this season’s first few episodes. So within the hour:

  • Lily and Rufus broke up (he slept on the couch and then headed back to Brooklyn)
  • Were reunited thanks to Serena’s Parent Trap-inspired idea
  • Broke up again due to a Welcome Back, Kotter mug
  • Reconciled midway thru a song and decided to move their wedding day up…as in the next day
  • Argue over Lily not being able to write original vows mere seconds before the wedding
  • Are reunited with their love child
  • Are married by Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon

Sure, a lot happened but I was disappointed with the how neatly the whole Scott situation resolved itself. Lily was really mean when she snapped at the then-random kid. Rufus’ two sons bond for all about two seconds before Scott tells Dan he’s headed back to Boston and may pop back up during the holidays. What about Serena? Did she hello to her big brother?

And then there’s the whole Bree situation… Joanna Garcia was totally wasted in this role. Bree had way more chemistry with Carter than she did with Nate…heck, Chuck had more chemistry with Bree AND Carter. Bree has made her exit and Nate’s being pushed into a storyline with Serena next week. I hope they are not pushing a Nate/Serena pairing…I actually like her with Carter. A proper Van Der Bilt vs. Buckley family war storyline would have been much better than the Oh, Carter wronged my cousin from Texas and my family is out for Baizen blood!

The bright spot in this episode was Georgina Sparks…Her “Congratulations! It’s a boy!” was spot on. Michelle Trachtenberg needs to be on this show permanently. Sure, she’s on NBC’s Mercy as well but does anyone else really see a program sans Jay Leno lasting on that network?  Trachtenberg has portrayed a much layered Georgina and I’m glad that she got the role instead of Mischa Barton. I totally did not buy Vanessa being blackmailed by Georgina…it this were season one or two, V would have told Rufus weeks ago that Scott was his son.

— Last week, ABC picked up Courteney Cox‘s Cougar Town, Modern Family and The Middle for a full season and now they’ve just won the bidding war for the new Matthew Perry comedy. Chandler and Monica have found themselves back together…on ABC. I think I need to give Cougar Town so more time but I’m really enjoying Modern Family.

— Here are a couple of upcoming set shots of Heather Locklear‘s return to Melrose Place. Executive Producer Darren Swimmer told People yesterday that the show was planning for Locklear’s return as Amanda Woodward from the start and that the ‘W’ in the WPK publicity firm that Ella (Katie Cassidy) has been working for stands for Woodward. Meanwhile, Cassidy spoke with E! last night and told them that fans should get ready for another major death. Locklear first episode airs on Nov. 17th on The CW and on Nov. 18th on Global.


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