Soap News: Sam refuses to forgive Jason on GH while Nikki and Sharon end up in jail on Y&R


— Kristina’s reality show producer on General Hospital will be played by Erik Valdez, who has appeared on 90210 and New Girl.

— Former Port Charles star Brian Presley is denying a model’s claim that he hit on her during a red eye to New York.

— Nelson Branco’s Soaps Uncensored is reporting that Peter Porte (Ricky) is on his way out at The Young and the Restless.

What’s coming up:

The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill gets Deacon out of jail while Hope and Liam’s wedding party arrive in Italy. Brooke and Ridge notice that Steffy is having an emotionally difficult time in Italy (well, obviously). Bill tries to convince Steffy to stay in Italy. Ridge and Brooke share a romantic afternoon exploring an olive grove. Eric and Stephanie discuss their regret for not travelling to Italy. Thomas and Caroline get to know each other. Deacon hounds Bill for details about his part in the plan. Hope changes her mind about the location of the wedding. Brooke tries to reach out to Steffy. Deacon’s guilt gets the best of him. A happy couple becomes engaged.

Days of our Lives: Will is arrested for Stefano’s murder while Roman asks Sami to call Carrie to represent him. Jack tells Jennifer that his book about his experiences in Afghanistan is going to be published. Will is stunned when he learns who has paid his bail. Rafe discusses Will’s arrest with Sami and Lucas. Stefano’s family gathers at the mansion for a memorial service. Kate burns divorce papers. Andrew stalks Melanie, intending to kidnap her. Bo and Hope continue their couples therapy with Marlena. Kayla comforts Abe and she later reveals that Steve has taken a job with the ISA and isn’t sure their relationship will survive. Victor swears to Maggie that he’ll never lie to her again.

General Hospital: Heather switched the paternity tests: Jason is the father of her switched baby! Kristina tries to shut down production of her reality show. Sam refuses to forgive Jason. Lulu strikes a deal with Johnny. Jason has another encounter with Liz. Dante has questions for Johnny. John McBain gets his answers from Sonny. Todd fills Carly in on his new living arrangements. Luke and Anna share a kiss. Heather is determined to find a job. Kate flashes back to Connie as a teenager. Ewen later checks in on Kate. Dante isn’t too happy about Lulu and Johnny’s new venture at the Haunted Star. Matt confesses that he killed Lisa. Tracey tells Luke that she loves him and they also share a kiss. Luke and Anna come to a conclusion about their relationship.

The Young and the Restless: Michael is happy to have Fen home. Avery has an awkward run-in with Heather and Ricky. Phyllis and Nick have a quick wedding. Daniel refuses to believe Daisy. Chloe gets in the middle of Kevin’s dealings with Genevieve. Ashley is upset with Abby’s decision. Paul is worried that Ricky may harm Heather. Nikki and Sharon’s fight lands them in jail.


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