Soap News: Will Robin stop Patrick & Sabrina’s wedding on GH? Charlotte Ross returning to DAYS and more!


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— Could Jennifer’s former nemesis Eve Donovan return to Days of our Lives? Charlotte Ross tweeted last Friday that she met with executive producer Greg Meng and co-head writer Christopher Whitesell at NBC about a potential return for the character she played from 1987 to 1991. For fans that aren’t that familiar, Eve came between Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Frankie (Billy Warlock) and later even married Jack (Matthew Ashford). Maybe Eve could return and give some pointers to her little half-sister Theresa (Jen Lilley) who has her own issues with the Horton saint? Since leaving DAYS, Ross found fame on a number of primetime shows including Beggars and Choosers, NYPD Blue and Glee. The actress is currently starring on VH1’s NBA cheerleading drama, Hit the Floor, which was renewed for a second season.

— Congratulations to Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie, All My Children) who has been nominated for a 2014 Film Independent Spirit Award as Best Male Lead for his performance in Fruitvale Station.

— Meanwhile, Aiden Turner (ex-Aidan, AMC) was recently arrested after he allegedly threw a remote control and hit his girlfriend in the eye.

— Look for Trevor St. John (ex-Victor Jr., One Life to Live) to appear on the Dec. 5th episode of The Vampire Diaries.

— Need some insight on why General Hospital’s Tristan Rogers (Robert) decided to head over to The Young and the Restless as Colin, then head on over to read the actor’s interview with Soap Opera Uncensored. While many GH fans are unhappy to see him go just as Robin (Kimberly McCullough) reunited with her parents, Rogers explained that Y&R offered him a 12-month contract, whereas he was only on recurring status at GH. Rogers goes on to praise GH’s EP Frank Valentini and how much easier it is for him to “develop” a newer (when compared to Robert) character like Colin over at Y&R. Check out the interview here.

Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica, Passions) will debut on Days of our Lives as Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) new love interest.

Rants & Raves:

  • I loved Sami (Alison Sweeney) & Kate (Lauren Koslow) teaming up to help Gabi (Camilla Banus) deal with the whole Nick (Blake Berris) situation this week on Days of our Lives. “What am I? A doctor,” yelled Sami when Gabi brought up that Nick wasn’t really dead before was washed away in the river. Very reverse Leonard “Bones” McCoy of her.


  • Would DAYS consider doing a lesbian romance with Abby (Kate Mansi) and Jordan (Chrishell Stause)? Both of Abby’s men have left Salem and Jordan’s a clean slate, so why not go there? Also, Jennifer reaction would be priceless. A druggie son and a lesbian daughter.
  • I feel like the return of Alexandria Forrester has brought back some much needed heart back to The Bold and the Beautiful. The loving relationship between Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) Thorne (Winsor Harmon) translates very well-onscreen. Let’s hope they don’t make Aly psychotic and one-note in her rivalry against Hope (Kim Mattaula) for her Spencer bros.


  • Speaking of Thorn, why not let him take a crack at Quinn (Rena Sofer) instead of Eric (John McCook)?
  • The new generation Newman/Abbott rivalry they are setting on The Young and the Restless with Noah (Robert Adamson) and Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) look promising. It’s all business now, but hopefully there will be a woman who comes between them.
  • What’s up with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) being so warm and welcoming to Dylan (Steve Burton) when she was so cold to Adam when he first came to town? Also at Y&R: Dylan telling Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) he could be like his birth father was some good stuff.
  • Don’t be too confused if wondering why Ava (Maura West) was the one to tell Patrick (Jason Thompson) that Robin could be alive…I’m sure they’ll find a way to tie these two characters to another story soon.
  • Robin (Kimberly McCullough) finally made it to the church but she still hadn’t stopped the wedding on General Hospital. I don’t know if I should really be surprised at all. We know how this works. Hopefully Emma rushes to Robin before the opening credits on Monday’s episode.
  • It’s a shame the scene with Felicia (Kristina Wagner) calling Liz (Rebecca Herbst) out before the wedding didn’t make it to air. It’s available at for American viewers. Speaking of Herbst, it was a nice throwaway line from Juan (Michael Saucedo – Herbst’s real-life husband) that he was married to a great girl named Becky.

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  • Another stellar week from Finola Hughes’ Anna on GH this week. From her reunion with Robin to shocking both Robert and Faison when she said she didn’t want to deal with Faison via legal channels. Chilling. Can’t wait for Anna to kick Faison’s ass next week, even if most of it will be verbal.

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What’s coming up:


The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV Two): Liam confides in Aly.
Caroline and Rick’s impromptu wedding takes place. Bill refuses to give up pursuing Brooke. Quinn confronts Donna after she sees her share a moment with Eric. Wyatt joins Hope and Maya at a photo shoot. Katie and Liam discuss Bill and Hope. Aly struggles with her conscience before taking an action that may have severe consequences. Liam later confides in Aly about his frustration with Hope and Wyatt. Quinn and Wyatt plot their next move to keep Liam and Hope apart. Liam makes a decision about Hope, while Wyatt finds a way to make Hope his own.

Coronation Street (CBC): Grace and Faye’s bullying goes to a new extreme.
Nick snaps at Simon. Grace and Faye throw Stones at Mary’s motor home. Beth’s confident that she’ll beat Liz at work thanks to Sinead’s help. Tina goes to pick Simon up from school but he’s missing. Anna realizes that something is off with Grace. Steve heads off to his first day at college. Simon breaks down and tells Leanne and Nick what Faye and Grace did to him. Sinead receives an offer.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global): Brady returns to drugs.
Sami panics when she realizes that she’s left incriminating evidence back at the scene. Rafe and Jordan share a kiss. Brady has an emotional breakdown when Kristen sends him a video. Eric is attacked. Victor tries to get Maggie to move back home. Kate wants Gabi to keep quiet. Sami confronts Nichol over the story she’s doing on Eric. Brady gets high and crosses paths with Maggie. Kate receives a call from Stefano. Theresa asks Daniel to help her and JJ.

General Hospital (ABC/City): Robin & Patrick reunite.
Emma spots a guest (Robin!) at Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. Sabrina quietly disappears when Patrick reunites with Robin. Jerry holds Bobbie hostage at the Metro Court and they run into Carly. Britt and Nikolas share a moment. Anna wants Faison to pay for what he’s done. Duke gets a surprising call from Sonny. Anna contemplates telling Duke the truth about Derek Wells. Sam is surprised when she learns Faison played a role in Robin’s “death.” Julian and Carlos bond. Sam makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with her father. Patrick might find Sabrina with Carlos. Mac and Felicia reach out to Robin to speak with Maxie. Ava takes the stand at AJ’s trial.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global): Billy opens up to Jack.
Ashley visits with Victor. Adam and Chelsea look to the future. Tension continues to rise between Nick and Dylan. Avery opens up to Dylan. Summer grills Courtney about Zach. Billy opens up to Jack. Victor is upset when Adam defends Chelsea. Lily gets a surprising call. Fans wonder if Adam will finally give Connor a proper name instead of referring to him as “Peanut.”

Soap Memes:

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