Survivor Recap: Another big move


Survivor is all about making those “big moves” that not only put you one step closer to the $1 million but also gives you a case for the jury to convince them to vote for you. So far, the only big move that’s been made was getting Josh out last week. I’ll give credit to Jeremy, Jon and Jaclyn for that one. But with Josh gone, what’s next?

Jon & Jaclyn are the two people that most benefited from the tribe swap. They found themselves in a power position as the “swing vote.” Every decision they made would directly affect everyone left in the game. Siding with Missy & Baylor when they voted out Dale & Kelley solidified their bond that would come back to play during tribal council.

Siding with Jeremy during last last week’s tribal council would affect the actions Jeremy and Natalie made during tonight’s episode. After doing them a solid and voting out Josh, Jeremy and Natalie gave up their reward to Jon & Jaclyn as a thank you and a means of letting them know they were all good.

In return, Jeremy got sent to Exile Island, a decision that came back to haunt Jon. He completely forgot how strong of a player Jeremy was and didn’t even think to consider that Jeremy would scour that island for an idol that wasn’t even there. After the light bulb went off that sending Jeremy was a horrible idea, Jon had a decision to make. He had to get in front of the lie. And with Reed riffling through Keith’s bag and waving the immunity idol clue for everyone to see, Jon decided that he had to come clean and his only move was to tell Missy he had found the idol and that Jeremy had to go.

Bold move Jon. While I’m rooting for Jeremy to win, it was a move that Jon had to make. If they were to make it to the final six, who’s to say which side Missy & Baylor would find themselves on? Missy has been loyal to Jeremy from Day 1, but mama ain’t no fool.

When it came to tribal council, it was looking like Reed would be finding himself sitting next to his beau in the jury, but Jon & Jaclyn exerted their power as the “swing vote” and changed the course of the game (yet again) but voting out Jeremy.

Well done Jon & Jaclyn. Well done.

But wait. The final vote was 5-3-2. If Reed, Keith, Alec and Wes all voted for Jeremy, who was the one person that flipped? Guess I was completely wrong. Turns out there were two flips during that vote. It seems Keith and Wes were sour about Reed going through his stuff and opted to vote out Reed, while Baylor, Missy, Jon and Jaclyn practically solidified their final four deal when they wrote Jeremy’s name down.

Then again, Natalie’s voting plan was flawed. The idea was for them to split their vote between Reed and Keith with the hopes to flush out Keith’s idol and getting Reed out. It looks like no one in that alliance was good at math because six divided by two is three which is less than the four votes on the other side. If no one flipped and everything went “as planned”, Jeremy still would’ve went home 4-3-3.

Another thing was brought to light during the vote. Alec, Keith and Wes have absolutely no clue how to play this game effectively. They banded together to voted for Reed but failed to realize that three votes is not enough. Why didn’t they communicate their plan to Jeremy? All he had to do was rope in Natalie and viola! Five votes to send Reed home and Jeremy would’ve discovered that a) Jon for sure has the idol and b) not to trust him.

Then again, Jeremy being gone was in the best interest of EVERYONE left on the idol whether they want to believe it or not (well maybe not Natalie). Everyone was on the same level. Baylor has an immunity under her belt. Jon & Jaclyn made a big move. Keith and Wes managed to make some good relationships. However, with the biggest threat gone from the game, the position needs to be filled by someone else and I think it’s Jon’s turn to wear that title.


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