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Survivor Recap: Still Holdin’ On

Survivor Still Holdin' On Recap

Survivor Still Holdin' On Recap

With two loved ones left in the game, Alec was feeling a little lonely and asked if he was going home. Jon said that he still trusted his alliance and was never going to sway. He also said his statement was Survivor suicide. Yeah it was. That and fact that you said you were in charge and steering your alliance. Please let that be comes ominous words.

At the reward challenge, Natalie won the reward challenge, sent Alec to Exile Island and chose Jon and Jaclyn to join her. It was a smart decision. You got to make them think that everything is OK and that was Natalie’s plan from the jump. She wants Jon gone and making them feel comfortable was the smart thing to do before blindsiding him.

He trusted her so much that he told her he had the idol. Rookie move man. Honestly, the editing in the episode is starting to bother me. There’s been so much foreshadowing about him potentially going home and it would irk me if it doesn’t come to fruition.

Natalie wanted Jon gone and approached Baylor about roping in Keith and Alec to vote Jon. They weren’t going to tell Missy because they knew that she would do everything in her power to protect Jon. Their plan could work because honestly this is probably the only chance they have to get rid of him. Keith blew their only chance and the numbers are dropping and the opportunity to get rid of him is slimming.

After a lengthy nap, Jon felt a weird vibe at camp. Jaclyn’s paranoia was on high and she thought while they were sleeping Keith was trying to get their alliance to turn on them. Jon hushed those concerns because he completely trusted his alliance and completely believed that he’s got this game in the bag and with a hidden immunity idol in his back pocket, the money was as good as his.

At tribal council, it was yet another balancing act and Jon won immunity, flushing any hopes of sending him home. Thank you Survivor editors for getting my hopes up, but then again I should’ve saw this coming.

With the plan to blindside Jon dead in the water, who was going home? Honestly, I would send home Jaclyn. Sending Jaclyn home would piss Jon off, but I think having Jaclyn at camp is his comfort zone and with that comfort gone, I suspect that Jon might spin out of control.

Keith threw out the idea that they needed to make a move and not sit back and let Jon and Jaclyn skate to the end. Natalie had the idea of flipping and voting out Alec and keeping Keith and keeping him around to help her blindside Jon. She told Baylor and she wasn’t too keen on the idea because she has a connection with Alec. Who cares about a connection. Alec stinks at this game. Send him to the jury and to a shower.

In the end, it came down to Alec and Keith with Alec going home, stunning Jon, Jaclyn and Missy. The plan was to split the votes 3-2 with Keith going home because he was a threat in challenges. Natalie saw that threat and flipped her vote, got Keith to vote with her and Alec was sent packing. It was a HUGE move and the momentum Natalie needs to get her plan to oust Jon back on track.

She knew that if they followed Jon’s plan and became the final five, she was on the end of the totem pole because Missy does everything Jon says and has no idea that she’s doing it. Having Baylor by her side can go so far. She knew she needs to make a move FAST and voting out Alec was her first step.

Her alliance (mainly Missy, Jon and Jaclyn) were too comfortable. They just had in their heads to get to the final five. But what happens after that? Missy has no clue. Jon knows that he’s a lock for final three along with Jaclyn. Natalie knew that it was a matter of time before all the smiles turned into scowls and that a move needed to be made before it was made on her.

However, her plan might get derailed yet again. Next week, Missy takes a header off a beam during a challenge and might be leaving the game.




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