Five Movies That Should Be Revived on TV

movie tv shows

movie tv shows

With Cruel Intentions and Training Day possibly making the leap from big screen to small screen, it makes sense that we browse our DVD collection and Netflix queue for flicks that we wish would get a second life on TV.

But which ones? A Beverly Hills Cop TV series is struggling to get out of the gate and when’s the last time you heard someone talk about Limitless or Scream? On the flip side, we got two epic seasons of Fargo.

There are so many movies out there to choose from, but I was able to narrow it down to five.


With Gossip Girl a distant memory and Pretty Little Liars wrapping up, TV will be looking for it’s next guilty teen pleasure. Why not Heathers? It has every thing you need. Mean girls. Check? Badass dialogue? Check. Potential for amazing costumes? Check. Tell me you don’t picture Kiernan Shipka, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Zendaya on this show with Emery Cohen taking over the role of JD?

Love & Basketball

Kiersey Clemons is on the rise and I think this is the show that will put her on the map. Opposite Tristan Wilds, this reboot of Love & Basketball can replace the massive whole that One Tree Hill has left in our hearts.

Boyz n the Hood

Straight Outta Compton was a massive success at the box office in 2015 and earned number accolades. If this is any indication, it’s that audiences are ready for stories about black people that only surround slavery. Boyz n the Hood could take us back to a time when Oz and The Wire were massive cable hits. This is the kind of project where Hollywood could search for the next great Black actors.


Just picture this movie in the hands of Bryan Fuller. How beautiful, dark and haunting it would be. I would leave the casting up to Fuller. And with Fargo and other crime shows continuing to be a mainstay on TV, why not add this complex thriller to the mix?

The Fifth Element

Syfy will always have a place on TV, so why not The Fifth Element? We only got to see a small peak of this world and the potential it holds for storytelling is endless. Why did the Mondoshawans have a temple on Earth? Who make them the guardians of the weapon? Who is this “great evil” and where did it come from? One hundred and twenty-six minutes was not enough time to tell this story, but 10-13 episodes sounds right enough. Picture Rick Yune as Korben Dallas with Zoe Kravitz as Leeloo and Gina Rodriguez as Ruby Rhod. It would be gold!



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