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Netflix Renews Fuller House

fuller house renewed season 2

fuller house renewed season 2

Netflix announced on Wednesday (March 2) that they’ve renewed Fuller House for a second season.

The first season, which premiered last Friday (Feb. 26), is a revival of the classic TGIF series Full House and follows DJ Tanner Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure) as she cares for her three boys with the help of her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) following the death of her husband. Original series stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Lori Laughlin return for guest appearances as Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky. Scott Weinger also reprises his role as Steve, DJ’s high school sweetheart.

While critics haven’t been so kind to the series, many fans of the original series have enjoyed binge watching Fuller House. Like with the original series, the revival is packed with cheesy moments but it’s like visiting some old friends. There’s a comfort in watching Stephanie and Kimmy bicker back and forth, just like they did 20 years ago. The new kids were also well cast, particularly Elias Harger, as DJ’s middle son Max.

The second season is likely to become available next year and it’s too soon to tell if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will reprise their role as Michelle Tanner, the only family member to not appear in the first season. Full House ran from 1987 until 1995 on ABC.


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