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Is MTV Moving Back to The Hills?

the hills coming back

the hills coming back

Could MTV be reviving The Hills?

There’s plenty of speculation as the “reality” series celebrates its 10th anniversary tomorrow (May 31). Original Hills lead Lauren Conrad posted a very interesting Instagram photo of herself with a cameraman. It doesn’t seem like a typical day at the office for the fashion designer as she even went ahead and tagged the MTV along with her label, Paper Crown.

Never thought I’d see the day….

A photo posted by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

And then there’s that caption: “Never thought I’d see the day…”

Could Conrad be letting the TV cameras back into her life? Even if it’s not a direct follow up in the same vein as Laguna Beach or The Hills, would fans tune in to see the now 30-year-old married lifestyle maven? is this something MTV reality junkies want to see? Is there any way to work in Stephen Colletti and Kristen Cavallari? And Speidi!?

MTV News, which has had tons of nostalgia posts leading up to tomorrow’s anniversary at teased fans to keep an eye out on Conrad’s Twitter account for an important announced tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET.

The Hills will always hold a special place in my TV-loving heart as it was the first show I covered and help get this blog off the ground. Don’t mess with my emotions, MTV.


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