Big Brother Exit Interview: Faysal Shafaat

big brother faysal shafaat exit interview

big brother faysal shafaat exit interview

Faysal Shafaat, the 26-year-old Substitute teacher from Orlando, Florida, was the latest houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother on Thursday (August 30) night. Although Faysal had the chance to battle his way back into the house following his eviction in the live episode, it was Scottie (who was evicted the week prior) who ended up getting another shot.

We got the chance to ask Faysal what Scottie asked him following the Battle Back competition, his dream date with Haleigh and what he thinks was this season’s biggest blindside.

Did you get a chance to speak with Scottie before he went back into the house? What did you guys discuss?

He just asked me if Angela a problem and I said yeah. He said “I’ll take care of it.”

You really hit it off with Haleigh inside the house. Can you describe your dream date with her outside of the house?

I told her when we got out of here that my birthday is October 17, so I want her to come down and meet my friends. We can go to Universal Studios, go to Halloween Horror Nights and Margaritaville. Then we are going to book a trip to Hawaii for a week!

Who are you looking forward to connecting with the most inside the jury house?

Bayleigh. I had a really good friendship with Bayleigh. It really sucked when I had to vote her out because I knew we didn’t have the votes [to keep her]. We just had a lot of fun conversations and always talked about what we will do when we get outside the house, so I am glad that I get to go and hang out with her.

Who do you think is playing the best game so far?

I would say Sam had been playing a really good game. After she survived the block on week one, I knew people wouldn’t touch her for a while. The fact that she does everyone’s laundry and the dishes, people don’t want to put her on the block. She claims that she doesn’t know the game or what she is doing but that is her strategy — and it has gotten her this far. I would also say that Tyler is playing a really good game.

In addition to Haleigh, who else would you like to see go far?

I guess JC. I would be cool to see him make it to the top three. It would be funny to see him not win anything all summer and make it to the top three.

From your perspective, what was the biggest moment, twist or blindside this season?

Biggest blindside, which really was the start to a series of unfortunate events was when Kaitlyn backdoor Swaggy during week two. He had a loud mouth, yes. He said a bunch of things but he would have never put her on the block. So for her to put him on the block and then ask me to use the veto on her over Haleigh, it just rocked off the season with a bang. Yeah, Kaitlyn backdooring Swaggy was the biggest blindside.

Big Brother airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS.


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