Mary Kills People’s Caroline Dhavernas on the Tension Between Mary and Ben

mary kills people ben jay ryan joel

mary kills people ben jay ryan joel

In our first chat with Mary Kills People star Caroline Dhavernas, the actress discussed what drew her to the complex role as well her chemistry with cast members and what’s coming up this season — but what we weren’t allowed to shed light on was the twist with Jay Ryan’s character: Joel ended up being an undercover cop named Ben who’s working to bring Mary down! Here’s what Dhavernas had to say about the attraction between Mary and Ben.

This week’s episode has Mary confront Ben about being an undercover cop. “There is a lot of sexual tension between the two of them. Him being a cop changes everything but it doesn’t end up changing the sexual tension [between them]! If anything, it’ll make things stronger because they’re not allowed to touch each other anymore,” shares Dhavernas.

And how does Ben feel about what Mary’s doing? “He doesn’t really have the same views not he’s subject than she does. He’s after her but at the same time, he’s charmed by her. It’s always interesting to see characters fall in love onscreen but not be together!”

Also on this week’s episode: Mary’s personal life becomes even more precarious when she is blackmailed into helping Grady (Greg Bryk) break a patient out of the hospital before he’s killed or imprisoned. Meanwhile, Jess’ (Abigail Winter) relationship with Naomi (Katie Douglas) is further strained when she discovers that Mary may be connected to Naomi’s drug habit, and Ben and Frank (Lyriq Bent) get a new lead when Carly (Troy Dixon’s widow) appears to be hiding something about his death.

Mary Kills People continues Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global. Catch up with episodes on demand and at GlobalTV.com.


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