Big Brother Exit Interview: Kyle Capener

kyle capener big brother exit interview season 24

Kyle Capener was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house on September 1. The TV Watercooler got the chance to talk to Kyle about the lesson he learned this past week, reuniting with Joseph in the jury house, and if he understood Alyssa’s decision to end things with him.

What was the most important lesson you learned this past week and how do you hope to grow from this experience?

The most important lesson that I learned this week was how amazing people can be. Every houseguest was so open and understanding this week towards someone like me. I’m forever grateful for that, moving forward outside the game.

Following the events of this week, do you have a deeper understanding of why The Cookout alliance was formed last year and why that alliance was so important?

Definitely. I think what The Cookout did last year is so important and so impactful. I’m so honoured to play the same game they were able to play.

What was the hardest part of this past week? Being evicted or being broken up with by Alyssa?

Oh… the hardest part about this past week was everything: hurting my fellow houseguests, breaking up with Alyssa, and getting evicted. Everything combined made for a very tough but empowering week. I learned so much this week, more than any other week. I look forward to continuing my journey outside of the house.

Did you fight for Alyssa at all? Or did you know that her mind was made up?

I respected her decision in breaking things off. I have hope that after the game, there might be a future with her. I want what’s best for her and unfortunately, it’s difficult to have a relationship because there is the underlying factor of playing Big Brother and knowing that there will be lies and gameplays throughout the entire process.

Are you nervous at all of reuniting with Joseph in the jury house? Do you think you threw him under the bus?

“Dyre Fest” was extremely difficult for Joseph and me. We had some great conversations there. We never expected to be pitted against each other, especially this early in the game. I’m excited to see him again. He’s an amazing player and friend. I look forward to chatting with him!

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