EastEnders Preview: Week of February 17

eastenders spoilers week of february 17 2020

eastenders spoilers week of february 17 2020

Preview for BBC One (UK) and BritBox (US) — 35th anniversary week:

  • Linda continues to embarrass her family at the Thames boat party.
  • Patrick grows fed up with Isaac’s behaviour towards him.
  • Kathy and Sharon encourage Ian to make amends with Bobby.
  • Kathy receives a strange call from Ben and is horrified by what she finds.
  • Phil is out for revenge.
  • Ben goes to extreme lengths to stop Keanu from killing Callum.
  • Chaos and panic ensue as the party-goers struggle to comprehend what has happened.
  • As the grave situation grows worse, multiple lives are left hanging in the balance and one person is set to meet a tragic end.

Preview for Vision TV (Canada):

  • Mel takes matters into her own hands to protect Louise.
  • Keegan makes a heartfelt confession.
  • Ruby and Stacey struggle to remain civil.
  • Ben continues his scheming.
  • Phil is riled by Keanu.
  • Kat gets on Phil’s bad side.

EastEnders is broadcast on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in the UK on BBC One. Same-day episodes are available to stream on BritBox in the US the same evening. In Canada, EastEnders is broadcast on VisionTV on Fridays at midnight — with episodes being about six months behind.


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