EastEnders Preview: Week of June 1

eastenders spoilers for the week of june 1 2020
eastenders spoilers week of june 1 2020

BBC has suspended production of EastEnders in London to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Only 2 episodes will air/stream each week on the BBC and BritBox. VisionTV will continue to air 3 episodes each Friday night (as they are over six months behind).

Preview for BBC One (UK) and BritBox (US):

  • Ben and Phil make plans for a job.
  • Ben has a confrontation with Jay and Lola.
  • Sharon goes to say goodby to Kayden as Karen prepares to leave Albert Square.
  • Max finds Ruby flirting with Martin. 
  • Sharon has advice for Callum.

Preview for Vision TV (Canada):

  • Tiffany and Keegan make a decision about their future.
  • Martin’s conscience gets the better of him.
  • Mo receives a worrying letter.

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