Coronation Street Preview: Abbi Comes Clean to Debbie About Her Addiction

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Monday (September 28)

Nina advises Asha to talk to Dev, adult to adult. Leanne and Steve receive bad news from the doctor. David smells a rat as Ray tries to prove that he’s a good guy. 

Tuesday (September 29)

The police ask Paul a series of questions. Nick researches Oliver’s condition on the internet. Debbie quizzes Sally about Abi and her intentions towards Kevin. 

Wednesday (September 30)

Abi comes clean to Debbie about her addiction. Steve and Leanne facetime a German doctor. Adam persuades Daniel to join him for an online pub quiz.

Thursday (October 1)

Craig confirms that Kel’s death was accidental. Nick confides in Sarah that he has a son. Emma floats some fundraising ideas by Jenny.  

Friday (October 2) – Part 1

Kevin offers Abi his full support. Shona calls at No. 8 and announces that she’d like to move back in. Paul rails at Billy asserting that he has not faith in him.

Friday (October 2) – Part 2

Emma begins her 12-hour sponsored silence. Nick offers to sell his shares in Underworld to raise cash for Oliver’s treatment. Nicky gets closer to Daniel. Debbie accuses Kevin of punishing Abi for her honesty.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of October 5:

  • Steve agrees to look into selling Street Cars.
  • Debbie orders Peter to stay away from Abi.
  • Paul contacts the Gazette to run a story on Todd’s disappearance. 
  • Geoff takes another look for his missing envelope of money.
  • David learns that Oliver’s illness isn’t the only cause of Nick’s recent stress.

Coronation Street airs weekdays (with 2 episodes on Fridays) on CBC. Episodes will return to evenings, following the conclusion of the NHL playoffs. An omnibus edition also airs Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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