Coronation Street Preview: Sarah Begs Adam to Give Their Marriage A Second Chance

coronation street spoilers will Adam leave Sarah
coronation street spoilers will Adam leave Sarah

This week on Coronation Street: Will Adam give his marriage to Sarah another chance? Or is it too late? Plus: Peter finds Abi barely conscious. We’re also back to 6 episodes a week beginning the week of Sept. 14!

Monday (September 7)

Emma and Carla help Maria prepare for her wedding. Chesney’s concerned when Gemma reveals that Vanessa’s been in touch. Geoff panics when Faye overhears his conversation with Sally.

Tuesday (September 8)

Maria realizes she’s late for her own wedding and so is Gary. Sarah begs Adam to give their marriage a second chance. Gemma announces that she’s going to set up an online mother and baby group.

Wednesday (September 9)

Gemma hosts her first mother and baby zoom chat. Nicky reluctantly agrees to meet with Daniel. Peter finds Abi barely conscious.

Thursday (September 10)

Special: High Days and Holidays. A look back at the memorable trips from over the years when residents step outside of Weatherfield.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of September 14:

  • Mary, Sean and Billy stake out Victoria Garden waiting for Todd.
  • Johnny returns from France.
  • Peter begs Abi to get some help.
  • Alya confronts Geoff and promises to get to the bottom of Elaine’s disappearance.
  • A body is found by the river.
  • Dev becomes stressed.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and now Thursdays on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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