Big Brother Exit Interview: Ian Terry

ian terry big brother exit interview all stars

Ian Terry was the sixth member of Big Brother: All Stars to be voted out and has become the first member of the jury that will crown this season’s winner. Following his Thursday (September 17) night eviction, we had the opportunity to as Ian if he harbours any ill feelings towards Tyler, Dani or Nicole F., which former player he wishes made it on to this All-Stars season and who he’d like to see win the game.

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on your goodbye messages, does it change anything about how you feel regarding Tyler’s revelation of the alliance of six?

Absolutely not. I feel like he’s playing a really solid game. I do not begrudge anyone for playing well. Kudos to him! I think that Tyler is an excellent player. I hope he does really well, frankly.

Does this put Tyler in a better position with you as a you head to jury having him make this revelation over Dani (who said you’d be a pawn) and Nicole F. (who has been your friend outside the house)?

I actually do appreciate that Tyler really owned his game. So, absolutely! I think by taking ownership of that, he really moved up in my books. I really respect the ownership. I want to make it clear that I don’t begrudge Dani or Nicole for being in a large alliance that didn’t include me, despite the fact that we were friends outside of here. But I do give Tyler the nod for taking ownership. That’s the key.

ian terry big brother exit interview all stars

There’s always a chance that the pawn goes home, at which point did you realize this could happen? How trusting were you of Dani?

I mean, I realized that it could easily happen the second my rear end touched the nomination chair. I started to realize it was very likely going to happen around Tuesday night. How trusting of Dani was I? Obviously, up until the very end, I campaigned for votes and part of that campaign was that if it came to a tie, I would hope that she would have broken it in my favour. I don’t know if that was the case. I need more information there and I’m sure it will come into the jury house as things go along. Obviously, I was very trusting of Dani up until I left. 

Was there a Big Brother alum you were hoping to see in this All-Stars season?

I think that the Big Brother alum that I was hoping to see was Eric Stein in there. I really like Eric, so I was definitely hoping to see Eric Stein in the house. He definitely deserves another chance to play again on his own terms.

ian terry big brother exit interview all stars

Which All-Star disappointed you this season?

I wouldn’t say any All-Star disappointed me. I guess if I’m being honest, Christmas. When I was campaigning, it just fell on deaf ears. So, I guess Christmas kind of let me down towards the end.

Going into jury, who do you think goes far in the game?

I want the best player to win this thing. So, I’m hoping to see Tyler or Cody go far, honestly. Do I think it will be interesting if Cody were next in jury just because it would shake things up? Yes, but I want to see the best player win. That’s where my head is at.

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