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Big Brother Canada faced its first double eviction of season five this past Thursday with Emily Hawkin and Neda Kalantar departing.

Toronto’s Emily Hawkin was voted out 8 to 1 in the evening’s first eviction. We caught up with Emily following her eviction to discuss her showmance with Dillon, the stressful week that he remembers fondly and who she wants to see go to the end. (Click here to read Neda’s exit interview)

Your showmance with Dillon ended up putting a target on your back, but looking back, do you regret getting close with him?

Honestly, I can’t say that I regret it. I know that it put me in this situation where I am now, where I’m out of the house. But we actually made something that was genuine and real. I know that whatever happens, I’m going to have a friend for life. It’s really nice to know that somebody was there by my side the whole time I was in the house. No regrets.

It must have been hard not campaigning against Dillon. Did you have a strategy to try to stay in the house or did you know your time was up?

I didn’t know my time was up. Honestly, it felt 50/50 the whole time. The only thing that I could use to campaign, and I did, was the fact that he wanted to go home. He was having a much harder time in the house than I was. He was missing his family. He has more responsibilities at home. People need him. As for me, I’m kind of a solo wolf. I didn’t really have much waiting for me at home, so I knew that being in the Big Brother Canada house was exactly where I wanted to be. It was where I needed to be. That was the only thing I could use to campaign against Dillon.

What was the hardest part about being in the Big Brother Canada house?

The hardest part, honestly, was the stress. It was trying to decipher between who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you. Like when you’ve got two people telling you stories and their swearing upon their lives that they are telling you the truth. That was really stressful for me. When someone tells me something, I believe them, just by nature. I think that was really hard for me, to figure out who was lying to me and who was being honest.

Outside of Dillon, who do you think you’ll still keep in touch with?

Karen. She’s hilarious. Bruno for sure as well. Whatever happened, happened. He’s still a good guy. William and Dre, I think they are amazing too. Honestly, if any of the houseguests called me up and said: “Hey let’s go for a beer!” I would 100% say yes. I’ll put it that way!

How did the house become so divided?

I think that it became so divided because the alliances were so obvious. I think that when that happens, when there’s an alliance forming and you’re not part of it, the other side of the house just rallies together. I think that’s how the house became so divided. That whole alliance that I was in, was so obvious to everybody. In the beginning, it was me, Bruno and Dillon. In that three, we were in a five, which included Neda and Kevin. On the other side, it was Ika, Demetre, “French Connection” (William and Dre) and then Karen and Jackie were kind of the floaters. Jackie got pulled to our side because the other side didn’t want her. I think that Karen is a great position in the game because she’s not taking sides really. People need her as a number right now, so they’re not going to get rid of her. It was a blue room vs. pink room, kind of thing! It was so obvious and it makes me feel sick to my stomach about it!

Do you have a favourite moment inside the house this season?

Other than all jokes and laughs, I think that a favourite moment for me was when I was up against Dallas and we were gunning really hard to stay and I think I kind of showed my true colours and surprised myself by playing the game. I was sneaky and devised a plan, talked to Dillon about it and we made Dallas out to be this big liar! Dallas was still aligned with Dillon but this was thing big elaborate scheme. So, going around to people and filling their ears with B.S. and having them believing it was a high for me. As stressful as it was, it was my favourite week.

Other than Dillon, who would you like to see win or go to the end?

Karen! She’s hilarious. She’s my favourite person in the entire world. She deserves to win because she’s just being honest. She’s genuinely Karen. She’s not trying to B.S. anybody. She’s really playing her own very unique game. Bruno, he’s a really good human and I think he deserves to win as well. I’d be really happy if either of those people won.

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